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Self Doubt

     Hey, i don’t know about you but i am discovering i don’t know myself as well as i thought i did.  I am normally confident that i know who i am and what i am all about.  What i am discovering is that underneath it all…i have a hidden tape recorder running in the background of my thought processes.  Whenever i am about to step out and tread on new ground…i somehow sabatoge myself with negative thinking. 

     Whoa, this is a very difficult thing to admit even to myself.  Who am i to think i could………….  add whatever new thing it is that you are about to attempt!  Before you know it…i am defeated before i even expend the energy to step up and try.  I wouldn’t let someone else stop me from doing what i want to do; so why do i  intimidate myself into not succeeding?  I don’t know…but ….i am going to work on it. 

     I don’t want to spend any more time in my life with regrets or with unfulfilled desires.  Fear can be a huge intimidator.  I know i let it keep me from lots of things.  I hate heights…so i dont fly…i don’t climb mountains…i don’t travel through the mountains (even though they are beautiful) unless i can do the driving…funny huh?  I miss out and i have no one to blame but myself.  I hate that …but do i hate it enough to try to change?  I hope so.


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Who Knew?

     So, some great ideas yesterday about reaching out to others.  How did that work for ya?  Who knew that my opportunities would arrive only minutes after finishing my post.  A phone call…someone in need.  She needed a ear to hear and a heart to connect with.  Someone I love dearly and had no idea was hurting so deeply.  The end of the conversation…a very simple and grateful, “Thank you for listening “.  It meant alot to her.  It meant alot to me to be able to listen and to hear.  A blessing in itself. 

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     Welcome…i would just like to say this is a bit intimidating!  What do i have to say that you may find interesting enough to take time away from other things in your life to read?  As i psyche myself up to do this; i will strive to put thoughts to this blog that i pray will never bore you and hopefully will not offend.    My goal is for this blog to relate to someone else’s life in a meaningful way.

     Remember, where you are is where someone else was at another  time.   It could be where they are now or even,  possibly….where they want to be in the future!  Imagine that.  It connects us together.  No one has to walk through life alone unless they choose to; they only have to reach out and accept the hand that is offered. 

     I will, as a disclaimer, let you know that I am a parent and most of what is of value to me will be in the realm of family, friends and writing.  If those issues are not high on your reading list, then you may want to pass on this particular blog. 

      Because of  technology, we should be extremely connected to one another.   It’s possible to reach out and touch someone by phone, fax, or email 24 hours a day.   How is it possible to be surrounded by people daily and yet still feel lonely?   I believe it’s because we have somehow lost the ability to really connect with each other. 

      We are wired to be participants in each other’s joys, in their hurts and in their successes.    Healthy relationships based on shared experiences are what gives us the most satisfaction in life.  It is a give and take sort of sharing.   It is not off balance or one sided.  In other words, one person can’t be doing all the encouraging and one person seeming to always be in need.

      By going below the surface in our relationships we can add value not only to their lives but to our own.  Our souls need nurturing just like our bodies.  Filling up with  things that just keep us going allows us to survive.  However, just surviving is not enough.   We all have needs.   We all need healthy emotional fulfillment. 

     I am going to look for opportunities to reach out and step outside of my comfort zone.  Try to look beyond the typical…”hi, how are ya doing”?  Listen to the tone of voice of the person next to you.  Watch that person’s body language.  Does the tone of voice, body language and actual words match each other?  If not, be an emotional detective.  See if you can be a good, supportive listener.

      Today, make it a point to connect with someone in a deep and encouraging way.  What goes around comes around and it may just come to you  at a time when you are in need yourself!

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