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Heart to heart

     I want to say , i dont know how these blog thingy’s work very well,  I guess.   I left a comment on someone’s blog.  I must not being doing something right though.  She emailed me…which was sweet.  I need to figure out how to post comments!  I am not a techie.  LOL  I was blog surfing today and stumbled onto someone’s posts that touched my heart. 

    She was/has experienced infertility as my husband and i have.  It is something that once you experience it….you can relate definately.  I pray God fulfills her desires in parenting. 

     I think it goes back to what i said in some of my original posts…we all are put here on earth to relate to each other’s joys, sorrows, hopes and dreams.  Be a listener….be an encourager, and if you need to be listened to or encouraged…find someone who will take the time.  God bless!


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On being a princess

     My 8 year old daughter could tell you all about being a princess.  She loves anything to do with the princess life.   Doesn’t matter if it is a Disney movie about princesses…princess clothes….toys…or fame.  She loves the princess life.

     Today, on the 10 year anniversary (i can’t believe it has been so long, wow) of Princess Diana’s death it seems a shame that a woman who could command so much attention and loyalty,  could also command so much controversary.

     If ever there was a woman who little girls would want to emulate as a princess, it would be her.  Her wedding was nothing less than a fairy tale that every little girl dreams of.

     That is, unless you are a grown woman who knows that, hours before the wedding,  Princess Diana’s heart was shattered when she became heartbreakingly aware of Charles deep and abiding commitment to Camilla, his true love.  Diana knew that they were close…but only suspected at his true feeling up until this point.

      When you look at the video/pictures of Diana’s wedding, you see a woman in awe of all of the attention; and yet, you see so much more in her eyes. 

     It is all 20/20 hindsight, this information that we have gleaned from the news over the years of ,behind the scenes of, a woman who lived a life of sadness and turmoil; and yes, even joy in the lives of her sons.  Those boys became her reason to survive her relationship with Charles.  That and her commitment to her charities.

     Over the years, Camilla has somehow redeemed herself in the eyes of many.  Even Diana’s sons have grown to care deeply for her.   Mainly because they see the happiness of their father in his relationship with her.

       This has had many observers note that Diana again, in some ways, was betrayed by the royal family , (her sons affections for Camilla included) and the public.  We all have mixed feelings.  We feel Diana’s hurt and pain and we feel somewhat like betrayers ourselves  if we support Charles and Camilla’s happiness.

     Yet, as adults, we all know that life is short.   To live it in a loveless marriage is not a good thing.  Better that he had had the backbone from the beginning,  and left a beautiful shy girl go on with her life without promising a life of love and commitment when in his heart he didn’t have those very things to give to her.  Truly it is sad. 

     Then again, the world would not have the legacy of her sons.  Life really can be a complex thing with choices, regrets, and second guesses about the decisions we have or have not made. 

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     Sorry about two posts in one day; however, i couldn’t believe what i just read on today’s news.  Things have just gone too far with a lack of common sense.

    Isn’t enough that our children feel like they have to grow up faster than what is healthy by watching most of the garbage that is on television?  They have learned very well how to be disrespectful(funny isnt it), sexualized, and to expect to have freedoms equal to adults. 

      Kids do NOT get to be kids anymore.  It isn’t healthy.  It is the only time in a person’s life where they should be free to just enjoy a lack of grownup responsibilities and the  appropriate freedoms to run and play and enjoy being a kid.

      Now the news clipping today says that; TAG on playgrounds at some schools is now being banned.  Now while i am intelligent enough to understand that kids can get carried away and things can get rough or someone could get hurt; why can’t the adults in the position of authority on the grounds put a halt to the person’s who are out of line?

     Why does everyone have to miss out on a perfectly normal game of tag between children?  Doesn’t it make more sense to discipline the ones who are out of control?  Wouldn’t that be a deterent to improper behavior?

     When i remember my childhood….i remember lots of games and activities like Red Rover, Red Rover, Frozen Tag, Bubble Gum Bubble Gum in my shoe, Duck Duck Goose, Tug of War, Relay Races, Dodge Ball, and all other manner of exercise (hidden in the guise of having fun with my friends and neighbors). 

     It just seems to me that childhood has lost it’s power to be remembered as something to cherish .  So much of what is good about growing up happens in those moments when you are learning how to play together, take turns, burn off energy, work together as a team, and so many other important skills that children absorb and take into adulthood.  Is any one else upset about this?

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      I think there is something to be said for both landline telephones and cell phones.  I love the convience of cell phones…they are great in an emergency…or just plain and simple because of their portability.  However, reliability of service in all situation is not always there.  That stinks!

     Yesterday, the poor tree guy kept loosing his signal while he tried to discuss business with me.  After the sixth attempt at conversation, we finally just agreed to meet up this morning.

     Wouldn’t you know it…he is late.  He just called 40 minutes after he was already supposed to be here.   Vehicle problems this time.   Let’s just hope his skill and dedicated is better than his cell phone’s ability to be reliable.  (one can hope right?)  Otherwise, i just might have to get ornery!

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Time management

      I am thinking that i am in desperate need of some improvement in time management.  Just when i think i have worked my way through each expectation; i find 10 other items stacked up while i was busy.  Today it seems it is phone call after phone call..someone needing information or something from me.

      With school starting up…everyone is once again demanding my time.  I wish i knew more about dealing with so many unexpected surprises when they all happen at the same time. ( I never learned to juggle.  Maybe i should… it might be a good way to relieve stress.  Plus, i could always take the skill on the road and make extra money  :)!! )   

     I keep telling myself…one day at a time.  One thing at a time.  It will all work out.  It is the last days of summer.  I want to enjoy what’s left of it.

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     Hey, i just wanted to say a few things about all the media coverage of… all things Britney.  I am not a huge pop fan…but i think the girl has had some good songs over the years.  What bothers me, lately, is that the theme of the media.  It seems to  turn the young celebs live’s into some kind of twisted entertainment.

     I think it is a shame that these young people are so out of control and destroying their lives.  But, i think that living in a fishbowl… having a copious amount of money in their bank accounts… as well as an unusual amount of freedom before they are ready to handle it, is a recipe for disaster.

     I find it sad that when someone is having a meltdown…whether it is Britney, Paris, Lindsey or whoever; that the media is more than ready to record and regurgitate it for our enquiring minds. 

     It is sort of like driving past an accident on the side of the road.  You can’t help but look, but, then you have to live with what you see. 

     The total drama in Britney’s life has continued to climb higher and higher to the point to where now the family courts are involved and they will possibly have to decide where those precious babies will end up being raised. 

       If that doesn’t wake up all parties involved, nothing will.  If it is  drugs/alcohol/ or some other addiction behind the scenes; or it is all related to a delayed adolescent rebellion, it is going to be a rebellion that comes with a very high price tag for all involved.  I dont know about you but my hands are metaphorically covering my eyes, not daring to look…but somehow compelled to just the same!

     My need to see how things go is based, somewhat, on my previous experience of foster parenting for 18 years.  I have been on the receiving end of situations where children  in similar circumstances have to find a way to survive.  It is very sad to see!

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    I am getting lessons on frustration and patience.  I am not good at this sort of thing.( Is anybody; cause like i would pay you to teach me, lol)  I am trying.  I hate it when someone tries to get in touch with you about something important and you end up playing phone tag for a few days.

     It seems whenever i have a free moment…the other person doesn’t.  When they are trying to reach me, i am either not here or tied up with someone/something else.  These things always seem to overlap each other.

     Sorry, were interrupted from a phone call from one of the very people i was venting about.  🙂 

     Well, one call down….several more people to get ahold of.  Time crunches are a pain.  Coordinating from one professional person to another when there is a deadline can take a bit of patience.  As we already discussed, i am limited in this supply and Walmart doesn’t sell it!  Ha!

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     Clean up has to wait.  We have trees down and have to wait for the insurance estimates.  Seems like forever when you have two very large trees across your yard and two partial trees still standing but leaning in the direction of your house. 

      Still and all, we are grateful that they did not land on our house.  We have been blessed with very large..very old trees surrounding our house…beautiful and useful with the heat in the summer and protective in the winter winds.

    Hopefully, we will hear something soon.  Then we will have to tackle clean up.  Guess i know what we will be doing labor day weekend.  Laboring will be the name of the game.  🙂

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      Today we went up to my parents home and met my sister and her husband and helped  lay carpet and moving furniture.  They have an old antique piano that is extremely large and very heavy. 

     A friend loaned us these really cool furniture tools called moving men.  They are disks with foam on the one side and hard plastic on the other.  They are meant to sit under the legs of the item to be moved and scooted effortlessly.  In theory, these are a great idea.

     However, the  antique , exceedingly heavy piano is another thing altogether though.  It has very small wooden wheels that are sharp.  We had 6 people lifting the thing onto the disks…and waaaaalaaaaa.  Nothing.

     The piano wheels rolled right off of those foam disks.  LOL…..no way was that going to work. ( i do think they would work great on furniture with legs –no wheels)  So we lifted and pushed and pulled and moved it all across the room over the new carpet.  Wow.  Hard work.

    Teamwork was the winner in this situation.  God bless family.  My dad has been fighting cancer and normally he would try to do these things himself.  I am thankful he allowed everyone to help. 

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High energy pt two

     Today is going to be lots of fun.  We are doing a back to school bash for the community (for our church).  There will be lots  of things to do.  We are giving away free haircuts, school supplies, food and drinks.  We are going to have 4 large inflatible’s  for the kids to generally bounce around in and wear themselves out.  There will be some games that sort of thing.

     These days, there isn’t much out there for free that feeds people and entertains them.  Now, hopefully….we dont run out.  Something to always worry about.  OH yeah, and it is raining like the dickens this morning (we’ve had a week of the rain and storms).  But it is only supposed to do this in the am…this afternoon it is supposed to be cooler but nice.  We’ll live with that!

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