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     Well,  just when i think  maybe  I have a chance at overcoming some of those heighth fears; something horrible happens to give my paranoia validation. 

     Right now, the news is filled with the horror of the bridge collapse in Minnesota.  So many people hurt,  many filled with terror and fear, many families dealing with grief and loss .   There are families not knowing what they are supposed to feel, as they dont know yet if they have lost their loved ones or if they are in some hospital unidentified. 

     A normal everyday occurance such as traveling over bridges or highway overpasses has the potential of destroying lives.  Yet, here in America, we do it everyday.  Most people do it with total and complete faith that when they do…they will get to the other side safely.  Some of us…cross them  with a wing and a prayer.  Some of us…clench our muscles , hold our breath and are shocked when we do make it over without incident.

     Sadly, there are many in the light of day today, who have had their whole world turned upside down.  Pray for them and all of the safety workers and inspectors, doctors and nurses as well.  Trauma is trauma and loss is so complete when it happens. 

     There are going to be people over the next few months who are going to be highly inconvienced by this catastrophe.   After all, it is a main source of travel thru that area.   Those who have lost family or friends , are going to be dealing with flashbacks and they are going to have to see this empty spot and relive it daily.  Keep them in mind.

     For people like me…i have just resolved to work on my fear of this type of thing.  In the back of my mind, i will have to work twice as hard to rewrite my thoughts when faced with pushing myself to do something i am terrified of.  Climbing into the heights and trusting that whatever “solid” structure that suspends me into the air is going to withstand the pull of gravity and stay “solid”.   Just because a panic attack of paranoia & fear of what could happen is, most of the time just that; there is the off chance that my fear of what could happen…COULD HAPPEN!


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