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     Living in the midst of orchard country, it is not hard to notice it is harvest time.  It’s costly  to provide for a family; and, to survive in the most basic simple ways.  The last couple of years has been a struggle for  many people.   Jobs being downsized, lack of funding, costlier educations, medical benefits being cut, credit rates zooming to the moon, mortgage failures….you name it. 

     I wish there were such a thing as a money tree and like all seasonal things; ripe for the picking!

      What if we could save the seeds from the money tree; pass them around?  There are those who are doing without.  It isn’t like everyone wants to be filthy rich.  They just want to be able to pay their way and buy what they need.  Seems like such a simple wish.

     Watching the flamboyant tabloid celebrities wasting so much makes you appreciate those who have money and are doing good and benevolent things with it. 


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