Archive for August 10th, 2007

     Yesterday was a fairly productive day for a new project.  I started to form the direction of the new ebook.  I began and finished the outline.   Started the introduction. 

     I started making contacts for the audio interviews.  The day before that i made contact with a partner.  We have different areas of expertise in the area of ADD/ADHD and learning disabilities.  I do believe the different perspectives will be just what the project needs.  We both will be able to add content that can maybe encourage someone who is struggling with learning disabilities.

      On Sunday, i had an awakening to the  theory of 6 degrees of seperation.  I mentioned the project to someone I knew.   This person works with and  has contact information to a wonderful speaker.   I was thinking that i would open the door to someone who could add value to the project.   I was right. 

      My idea to connect with a motivational speaker i met recently was a good one.  It turns out he works with some of the very people we need for this ebook.   The direction  my partner and i decided on was to include people from all walks of life who have been affected by learning disabilities. 

      The project has begun to take shape.  I am sure it will evolve in unexpected ways.  I am excited to see how it grows up.  It is a little like having a child…a blank slate. 


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