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     What an awesome day.  The air is warm, the sun is shinning, and, the water is just right.  Perfect day to tube down the river.  I dont know if you have ever tubed…but i tell ya…it is always better to go with the flow.

     The experience of tubing is somewhat like getting into a car and letting it auto pilot you on your way.  The river is a force unto itself.  Oh, if the river is a little low and there is debris (such as a log or large boulder) then you may want to help out a small bit as far as paddling a bit to one side or the other…but basically….you just allow yourself the pleasure of going along for the ride.

     It is very relaxing….refreshing in the kind of heat we have been experiencing.  So, i will try to remember this and when things are moving a bit too rapidly for my normal comfort zone…try to remember that it is better to just wait it out and relax.


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