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So Beautiful

dsc00962.jpglovely to look at…wonderful to smell     Just took a little time to stop and enjoy the yard with all the beautiful flowers.  I want to remember this beauty when i am in the middle of winter.  It will be freezing cold….totally covered under a blanket of snow and i will be dreaming of what i can just walk out my door to enjoy at this very moment.

     Can’t let the business of life, at the moment, cause me to miss what i agonizingly wait 9 long months of winter to see and smell!  Here is just a small peek.


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     Well, just got home from evening church.  Turned on the puter to catch up on the news of the day and was sad to read about another church shooting.  Horribly sad.  Very little details known but there were a few who were shot and killed and others who were wounded before the alleged gunman gave up through negotiations. 

     In America, we have been mostly blessed to be able to worship in peace.  Other countries are not so blessed.  I dont know what happened at the church shooting today…all i know is that people were in a place of sanctuary and then it was no longer a place of peace and love…it turned into a place of fear and a place of death. 

     Another news story of several elderly ladies in a beauty shop and an intruder robs the place takes money from the owner and then from the ladies themselves and then proceeds to hit them in the head and face; this is after they gave him what he asked for.  He shattered the skull of one of the women.

     What is happening in our world when violence and control has gotten to the point where there is so little care given for the life of others. 

      As time goes on…we will probably hear that someone high/drunk/abused/angered/mentally ill or some other surefire legal excuse; will somehow try to justify how they could so carelessly inflict their issues on innocent victims. 

     So , protect yourselves …wherever you are…wherever you go.  Be aware at all times.  Look over your shoulders even in your safe places.

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