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     I was never really one of those people who really understood the power of connection from one person to another.  Oh, emotionally, i know how important it is.   Where would we be without those who keep us sane, make us laugh, cry with us when we need it?   But i guess i never really understood how much we really contribute to one another’s lives, work, or education, that kind of thing. 

     In writing this book to help parents of learning disabled students to  be able to navigate the various agencies, organizations, educators and medical profession; my partner and i have become totally amazed at who we know in our everyday lives.  Those who have total expert advise/opinions to contribute.

     It really is mind-boggling.  All of this information has been just waiting to be tapped into.  We are lucky and blessed.  This e-book should be extremely helpful to alot of people.  It is all about helping parents or advocates of children who learn in different ways.  Helping them to be as successful as they can be………for life!

     What kinds of projects can you do; once you realize that using your skills or knowledge, combined with your connections to people you know, can add to the value of it?  Really , stop and think about the people/problems in your life. 

     Maybe the things in life that we go through are meant to be used in some way, shape, or form to help another person.  Ya think?


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