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     Have ya ever been restless; but, not really know what to do with yourself?  I have this urge to just do something…but there are so many distractions that i just can’t seem to focus.  Yet, there is a driving need to be doing whatever it is that is just beneath the surface.  Confusing, isn’t it?

    Oh not that there aren’t any number of things that i should be doing.  I have many demanding tasks that need attention.  That isn’t it.  I have, one by one…sorted through the things that this restlessness isn’t.  🙂

     I guess it is maybe purpose or direction, or calling.  I know what my desires are.   I just need to find the right vehicle to make those things happen i guess.  Expectations are hard.  Mine and those expectations that other have for me. 

      I don’t like expectations really….i am always frustrated because if the expectations of others don’t match my own…then someone always gets disappointed.  I hate that with a passion. 

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     I cannot believe that summer has gone so quickly.  In about 3 weeks…kids will be heading back to school.  Schedules will be a must.  Getting into a routine again will become necessary. 

     Parents are supposed to be salivating at the prospect of their children heading back to school.  I dread it.  I know that our time is not our own once again.  Summer is made for freedom…parents and children alike. 

     I for one wish it didn’t have to end.

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