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Wrong turn

     Ok, so yesterday, I had a few bumps and turns in some decisions I made regarding a writing project.  I thought i had resolved the direction i was taking; only to detoured.  I was presented with an opportunity to rethink what i was doing; and, how i was going to do it.

     So I (with my brilliant thought processes) decided i had made a mistake.   That like never happens!  Yeah right.

      The opportunity to change course motivated me to attack the piece from another position.  I adjusted my approach.  Then, i later recognized the hand of irony poking around in my business.  LOL  I hate when that happens :).

     I thought i was supposed to go back to the original idea and re-focus my approach.  Then to my dismay, i woke up at the crack of dawn.  I refocussed.   It was a very inspired direction.  However, the powers that be were no longer on the same page as I.  Geez, can’t anything be simple?  That is ok.   What to do now?

     I have reasoned (hopefully, with some insight this time) that the writing project is correct.   My approach was only slightly off kilter.   To make it happen, i must re-evaluate the way in which i will deliver the final piece.  Never did i doubt that this is what i was supposed to write.  I only doubted the venue and approach to getting it done. 

     Here i go, off into the wild blue yonder.  Do i have what it takes?  I guess only by the doing will i answer that particular question.  Wish me luck!!!


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     Just when you think you know which direction you are heading in life…a curve comes at you 90 miles an hour.   Ever had that happen in your life?  Well, i thought i had chosen a direction.   Then i saw a vee in the road;  I chose one direction.   Then, when i least expected it, I had another opportunity to choose.  I wonder which one i should choose this time.  Am I just traveling in circles?  🙂  More than likely, however, there is the off chance that i am being given an opportunity to correct a bad decision.  Who knows?

     LOL, does this mean that God wants me to make a different choice than i did the last time?  Should I choose an unfamiliar path?  Or …do i second guess myself?   There are more questions than answers at this point in time.   Ahhh….sometimes i wish i had a direct line to the master so that i could make informed decisions.  

     Can’t you just see him sitting up there saying…don’t complicate things.  I gave you a second chance to do it right.  Now, go on, do it right!  Or is he saying….follow your head.   Don’t let yourself be distracted from your decision.  Human beings tend to make things more complicated than they need to be.  Simple is best.

    What to do, what to do?   Well, sort through these decision making processes one at a time…that is what i have decided to do.  (I think, hahahah )

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Happy Birthday…not!

     Today is my husband’s birthday.  It didn’t go as i planned.  It was supposed to be his special day.  We both woke up sick.  Tired and sore all over…it is time for the flu?  It sure feels like the flu.  In any  case, we will have to make up his non-birthday birthday, with a fun, special day. 

     A couple of years ago on his birthday, we planned a special trip.  We traveled  hours away on a fun drive up around the lakes along the shore and we climbed some dunes.  That is…we did until a  mean-spirited bee  flew into the open window of the van as we drove down the highway.  He is allergic….so can i tell you that that birthday was no fun either?  🙂  We planned to stay the night in a hotel and have a great time.  Didn’t happen.

     Sometimes, i think i have too many expectations on what a birthday should be…but really, come on….feeling healthy should at least be a given.  Oh well, there is always next year right?   LOL

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