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      Morning brings a clear view of  just how powerful last night’s storm was.  We have trees down in our yard.  Not just little….who cares about them sized trees…i am talking about trees the size of “wow, that changes the whole look of things”!

     Luck or grace, what do you think?    One, thank you God, those same trees narrowly missed the house.  Two, no one was hurt or killed, thank you again God. 

     Now, the fun begins.  I get to call the insurance company to report it and start that whole process.  I dont know about you…but somehow , we have the luck of someone who has walked under every ladder ….while holding a black cat, with an upside down horshoe on a string for a necklace!  We get major damage everytime there is a major storm.

     We have been hit by lightening several times…taking out our furnace and many , many major appliances.  Oh well, like i said…we are all safe.  I wasn’t so sure we were going to be safe as we were driving in hurricane proportion winds, rain and lightening.  We didn’t have a choice, as we were on our way home from church when the storm hit. 

     We get home and there was no power .  As i am parking the van, i see the trees down…but it is so dark we can’t see the full extent of the damage.  When the lightening lets ups then my husband went outside to check some of the damage and sees that the neighbors trees are also down; in our yard as well as our own trees.  Only difference is her tree took down the power line and that is dangerous. 

     She runs a business out of her home and we were worried that her customers would come in the early morning (as they normally do) and someone would be hurt or killed.

    Since we have no power, we had no phone….all cordless in the house.  Again, thank God, i have a cell phone.  It was partially charged and it had 38 minutes left on my service.  So , we got it reported.  They were able to come out and fix it during the night.  Brave and talented people. 

     So, we are grateful and it could have been so much worse than it was!


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