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     Clean up has to wait.  We have trees down and have to wait for the insurance estimates.  Seems like forever when you have two very large trees across your yard and two partial trees still standing but leaning in the direction of your house. 

      Still and all, we are grateful that they did not land on our house.  We have been blessed with very large..very old trees surrounding our house…beautiful and useful with the heat in the summer and protective in the winter winds.

    Hopefully, we will hear something soon.  Then we will have to tackle clean up.  Guess i know what we will be doing labor day weekend.  Laboring will be the name of the game.  🙂


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      Today we went up to my parents home and met my sister and her husband and helped  lay carpet and moving furniture.  They have an old antique piano that is extremely large and very heavy. 

     A friend loaned us these really cool furniture tools called moving men.  They are disks with foam on the one side and hard plastic on the other.  They are meant to sit under the legs of the item to be moved and scooted effortlessly.  In theory, these are a great idea.

     However, the  antique , exceedingly heavy piano is another thing altogether though.  It has very small wooden wheels that are sharp.  We had 6 people lifting the thing onto the disks…and waaaaalaaaaa.  Nothing.

     The piano wheels rolled right off of those foam disks.  LOL…..no way was that going to work. ( i do think they would work great on furniture with legs –no wheels)  So we lifted and pushed and pulled and moved it all across the room over the new carpet.  Wow.  Hard work.

    Teamwork was the winner in this situation.  God bless family.  My dad has been fighting cancer and normally he would try to do these things himself.  I am thankful he allowed everyone to help. 

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