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    I am getting lessons on frustration and patience.  I am not good at this sort of thing.( Is anybody; cause like i would pay you to teach me, lol)  I am trying.  I hate it when someone tries to get in touch with you about something important and you end up playing phone tag for a few days.

     It seems whenever i have a free moment…the other person doesn’t.  When they are trying to reach me, i am either not here or tied up with someone/something else.  These things always seem to overlap each other.

     Sorry, were interrupted from a phone call from one of the very people i was venting about.  🙂 

     Well, one call down….several more people to get ahold of.  Time crunches are a pain.  Coordinating from one professional person to another when there is a deadline can take a bit of patience.  As we already discussed, i am limited in this supply and Walmart doesn’t sell it!  Ha!


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