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Time management

      I am thinking that i am in desperate need of some improvement in time management.  Just when i think i have worked my way through each expectation; i find 10 other items stacked up while i was busy.  Today it seems it is phone call after phone call..someone needing information or something from me.

      With school starting up…everyone is once again demanding my time.  I wish i knew more about dealing with so many unexpected surprises when they all happen at the same time. ( I never learned to juggle.  Maybe i should… it might be a good way to relieve stress.  Plus, i could always take the skill on the road and make extra money  :)!! )   

     I keep telling myself…one day at a time.  One thing at a time.  It will all work out.  It is the last days of summer.  I want to enjoy what’s left of it.


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     Hey, i just wanted to say a few things about all the media coverage of… all things Britney.  I am not a huge pop fan…but i think the girl has had some good songs over the years.  What bothers me, lately, is that the theme of the media.  It seems to  turn the young celebs live’s into some kind of twisted entertainment.

     I think it is a shame that these young people are so out of control and destroying their lives.  But, i think that living in a fishbowl… having a copious amount of money in their bank accounts… as well as an unusual amount of freedom before they are ready to handle it, is a recipe for disaster.

     I find it sad that when someone is having a meltdown…whether it is Britney, Paris, Lindsey or whoever; that the media is more than ready to record and regurgitate it for our enquiring minds. 

     It is sort of like driving past an accident on the side of the road.  You can’t help but look, but, then you have to live with what you see. 

     The total drama in Britney’s life has continued to climb higher and higher to the point to where now the family courts are involved and they will possibly have to decide where those precious babies will end up being raised. 

       If that doesn’t wake up all parties involved, nothing will.  If it is  drugs/alcohol/ or some other addiction behind the scenes; or it is all related to a delayed adolescent rebellion, it is going to be a rebellion that comes with a very high price tag for all involved.  I dont know about you but my hands are metaphorically covering my eyes, not daring to look…but somehow compelled to just the same!

     My need to see how things go is based, somewhat, on my previous experience of foster parenting for 18 years.  I have been on the receiving end of situations where children  in similar circumstances have to find a way to survive.  It is very sad to see!

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