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     Sorry about two posts in one day; however, i couldn’t believe what i just read on today’s news.  Things have just gone too far with a lack of common sense.

    Isn’t enough that our children feel like they have to grow up faster than what is healthy by watching most of the garbage that is on television?  They have learned very well how to be disrespectful(funny isnt it), sexualized, and to expect to have freedoms equal to adults. 

      Kids do NOT get to be kids anymore.  It isn’t healthy.  It is the only time in a person’s life where they should be free to just enjoy a lack of grownup responsibilities and the  appropriate freedoms to run and play and enjoy being a kid.

      Now the news clipping today says that; TAG on playgrounds at some schools is now being banned.  Now while i am intelligent enough to understand that kids can get carried away and things can get rough or someone could get hurt; why can’t the adults in the position of authority on the grounds put a halt to the person’s who are out of line?

     Why does everyone have to miss out on a perfectly normal game of tag between children?  Doesn’t it make more sense to discipline the ones who are out of control?  Wouldn’t that be a deterent to improper behavior?

     When i remember my childhood….i remember lots of games and activities like Red Rover, Red Rover, Frozen Tag, Bubble Gum Bubble Gum in my shoe, Duck Duck Goose, Tug of War, Relay Races, Dodge Ball, and all other manner of exercise (hidden in the guise of having fun with my friends and neighbors). 

     It just seems to me that childhood has lost it’s power to be remembered as something to cherish .  So much of what is good about growing up happens in those moments when you are learning how to play together, take turns, burn off energy, work together as a team, and so many other important skills that children absorb and take into adulthood.  Is any one else upset about this?


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      I think there is something to be said for both landline telephones and cell phones.  I love the convience of cell phones…they are great in an emergency…or just plain and simple because of their portability.  However, reliability of service in all situation is not always there.  That stinks!

     Yesterday, the poor tree guy kept loosing his signal while he tried to discuss business with me.  After the sixth attempt at conversation, we finally just agreed to meet up this morning.

     Wouldn’t you know it…he is late.  He just called 40 minutes after he was already supposed to be here.   Vehicle problems this time.   Let’s just hope his skill and dedicated is better than his cell phone’s ability to be reliable.  (one can hope right?)  Otherwise, i just might have to get ornery!

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