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Looks of things

     Hey, morning all.  Well, between storms and weird natural and unnatural occurances it is not dull in our world.  Between Hurricanes and Tornadoes, Tsunamis, Fires, Floods, Severe Thunderstorms not to mention Earthquakes;  add to that man, made disasters like bridge collapses and mine cave-ins.   It is amazing that we havent up and quit.

    The human spirit is resilient from the looks of things.  We go on and get right back up day after day.  That desire to live and make it one more day is a God given hum running below the surface. It drives us to deal with life day in and day out.  From toddlerhood on through our elder years we keep on overcoming obstacles.  Pretty amazing! 

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      Morning brings a clear view of  just how powerful last night’s storm was.  We have trees down in our yard.  Not just little….who cares about them sized trees…i am talking about trees the size of “wow, that changes the whole look of things”!

     Luck or grace, what do you think?    One, thank you God, those same trees narrowly missed the house.  Two, no one was hurt or killed, thank you again God. 

     Now, the fun begins.  I get to call the insurance company to report it and start that whole process.  I dont know about you…but somehow , we have the luck of someone who has walked under every ladder ….while holding a black cat, with an upside down horshoe on a string for a necklace!  We get major damage everytime there is a major storm.

     We have been hit by lightening several times…taking out our furnace and many , many major appliances.  Oh well, like i said…we are all safe.  I wasn’t so sure we were going to be safe as we were driving in hurricane proportion winds, rain and lightening.  We didn’t have a choice, as we were on our way home from church when the storm hit. 

     We get home and there was no power .  As i am parking the van, i see the trees down…but it is so dark we can’t see the full extent of the damage.  When the lightening lets ups then my husband went outside to check some of the damage and sees that the neighbors trees are also down; in our yard as well as our own trees.  Only difference is her tree took down the power line and that is dangerous. 

     She runs a business out of her home and we were worried that her customers would come in the early morning (as they normally do) and someone would be hurt or killed.

    Since we have no power, we had no phone….all cordless in the house.  Again, thank God, i have a cell phone.  It was partially charged and it had 38 minutes left on my service.  So , we got it reported.  They were able to come out and fix it during the night.  Brave and talented people. 

     So, we are grateful and it could have been so much worse than it was!

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     Yup, it is the end of summer…crazy bizee time.  And…i am flu-ish…have been all week.  Husband is flu-ish and a couple of kids…not well either. ” I am too bizee to be sick,” I protest! 

      Like anyone in the house can do anything about it.  I dont want it …you can have it…..     as the old song says.   I am being good, staying home….trying not to pass it along in the world.  Brownie points for me!

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Wrong turn

     Ok, so yesterday, I had a few bumps and turns in some decisions I made regarding a writing project.  I thought i had resolved the direction i was taking; only to detoured.  I was presented with an opportunity to rethink what i was doing; and, how i was going to do it.

     So I (with my brilliant thought processes) decided i had made a mistake.   That like never happens!  Yeah right.

      The opportunity to change course motivated me to attack the piece from another position.  I adjusted my approach.  Then, i later recognized the hand of irony poking around in my business.  LOL  I hate when that happens :).

     I thought i was supposed to go back to the original idea and re-focus my approach.  Then to my dismay, i woke up at the crack of dawn.  I refocussed.   It was a very inspired direction.  However, the powers that be were no longer on the same page as I.  Geez, can’t anything be simple?  That is ok.   What to do now?

     I have reasoned (hopefully, with some insight this time) that the writing project is correct.   My approach was only slightly off kilter.   To make it happen, i must re-evaluate the way in which i will deliver the final piece.  Never did i doubt that this is what i was supposed to write.  I only doubted the venue and approach to getting it done. 

     Here i go, off into the wild blue yonder.  Do i have what it takes?  I guess only by the doing will i answer that particular question.  Wish me luck!!!

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     Just when you think you know which direction you are heading in life…a curve comes at you 90 miles an hour.   Ever had that happen in your life?  Well, i thought i had chosen a direction.   Then i saw a vee in the road;  I chose one direction.   Then, when i least expected it, I had another opportunity to choose.  I wonder which one i should choose this time.  Am I just traveling in circles?  🙂  More than likely, however, there is the off chance that i am being given an opportunity to correct a bad decision.  Who knows?

     LOL, does this mean that God wants me to make a different choice than i did the last time?  Should I choose an unfamiliar path?  Or …do i second guess myself?   There are more questions than answers at this point in time.   Ahhh….sometimes i wish i had a direct line to the master so that i could make informed decisions.  

     Can’t you just see him sitting up there saying…don’t complicate things.  I gave you a second chance to do it right.  Now, go on, do it right!  Or is he saying….follow your head.   Don’t let yourself be distracted from your decision.  Human beings tend to make things more complicated than they need to be.  Simple is best.

    What to do, what to do?   Well, sort through these decision making processes one at a time…that is what i have decided to do.  (I think, hahahah )

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Happy Birthday…not!

     Today is my husband’s birthday.  It didn’t go as i planned.  It was supposed to be his special day.  We both woke up sick.  Tired and sore all over…it is time for the flu?  It sure feels like the flu.  In any  case, we will have to make up his non-birthday birthday, with a fun, special day. 

     A couple of years ago on his birthday, we planned a special trip.  We traveled  hours away on a fun drive up around the lakes along the shore and we climbed some dunes.  That is…we did until a  mean-spirited bee  flew into the open window of the van as we drove down the highway.  He is allergic….so can i tell you that that birthday was no fun either?  🙂  We planned to stay the night in a hotel and have a great time.  Didn’t happen.

     Sometimes, i think i have too many expectations on what a birthday should be…but really, come on….feeling healthy should at least be a given.  Oh well, there is always next year right?   LOL

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High Energy

     Well, today was a high energy day….for kids anyway.  The  (25)children i am referring to were wound up big time.  It was raining outside, and they are all at the end of their tethers with summer winding up and rumors of school starting back up, on the lips of every parent within a five mile radius. 

      It is no wonder that at this point in time….peace and quiet is a rare thing.  We really must come up with some ways for these children to burn off some energy.  Or i need to drink more coffee to keep up….one of the two!

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     Noticing today that the weather is a bit fallish.  Sun is shinning however…it is breezy and a bit nippy if one happens to end up in the shade.  Nights have been colder too.  Everything is ripening a couple of weeks sooner around here than normal.  Apples are falling off of the trees although that could be from the lack of rain we have somehow managed to do without this summer.

     I know peaches and blueberries were done sooner than normal as well.  I do like fall…it is a beautiful time of the year….however….not ready to make the switch in my mind.  OH i know it is coming…..but i want a few more weeks of denial.  :)!

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dsc00880.jpgMore visuals of sight , color, and texture.

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     Have ya ever been restless; but, not really know what to do with yourself?  I have this urge to just do something…but there are so many distractions that i just can’t seem to focus.  Yet, there is a driving need to be doing whatever it is that is just beneath the surface.  Confusing, isn’t it?

    Oh not that there aren’t any number of things that i should be doing.  I have many demanding tasks that need attention.  That isn’t it.  I have, one by one…sorted through the things that this restlessness isn’t.  🙂

     I guess it is maybe purpose or direction, or calling.  I know what my desires are.   I just need to find the right vehicle to make those things happen i guess.  Expectations are hard.  Mine and those expectations that other have for me. 

      I don’t like expectations really….i am always frustrated because if the expectations of others don’t match my own…then someone always gets disappointed.  I hate that with a passion. 

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