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      Finally, an end to this week.  Thank God it is Friday!  Seems like nothing but crazy stuff all this week.  Crazy schedules…crazy out of the ordinary things…i am just soooooo very glad…that the weekend is here.

     I have a family wedding to attend this weekend.  I am even going to help serve the food.  So, it will be nice.  One of the teens in our youth group is welcoming friends of her’s from out of state this weekend.  They went to Africa, this summer, together on a mission’s trip.  They will only be here for the weekend. 

      This weekend is also going to be crazy busy…but ….somehow it just feels better to say Friday is here.  Yeah. (more…)


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     Skillet (Christian rock band) has an awesome song called “Last Night” from their album called Comatose.  It is a song of hope for someone who is in despair.  It starts talking about a teen who has scars on their wrists…and God says…it is your last night away from me!!!

      My husband and I work with teens in our church.  This song is desperately needed in today’s world.  Our youth are hurting.  They mutilate themselves, starve themselves, they dabble with drugs, alcohol, and sex.  

     Self destruction is all around them…it is ” normal”.  Their families are hurting…their friends are hurting….God is there for all.   It doesn’t matter your age.  He is just waiting to hold you and comfort you and offer something more than pain, depression, and humiliation. (more…)

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      Well, I found out a few hours ago that another wonderful friend of mine named ” M” has cancer.  He went through surgery today for a “mass” in the intestines that they thought was pre-cancerous. 

       Not so.  They removed the mass but it is cancer.  So, he will be in the hospital healing for the next week or so (no small feat since they had to reconnect the intestines after removing the mass).  While there, he and his wife ” C”  will be dicussing with the doctors the plan of attack on the cancer.

      Chemo or radiation or a combination of both.  Thank God, he didn’t have to have the bag even temporarily after surgery.  Where they live they have to travel some distance to the VA hospital to receive services.  Having a bag would have been manageable but difficult.

      I am sad.  In the last three years we have had many friends and family face cancer and all that goes along with the treatments.  It is a difficult thing.  When  “M” went in for surgery he said…don’t worry…i will be fine.  I believe he will.  I do.   I just hate for him to have to go through it.  They live quite a long distance from us…a couple thousand miles i think.  Wish we all lived closer.  In any case, I am praying for a speedy recovery and lots of wisdom for the doctors and my friends; as well as, God’s grace during this healing time.

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      I have a ritual, most mornings, of picking up coffee at Burger King.  The worker’s (no matter which one’s are on schedule) seem to know me; as, i was greeted yesterday as, “the coffee lady”.  

       That was a shock…they were smiling away at me.  These were the worker’s at the second window  who were, actually, handing me my coffee. 

      Now the first worker, the one who  took my order; was definately not a customer service worker who cared about how she treated her customer.  I asked for 2 creams in the coffee, only to be told “we don’t do that….we give you the creams to put in yourself”. 

      When i held my breath, and bit my tongue for a pause of about 6 seconds…she had the nerve to ask me, “If that was… ok?”   I replied, quite testily (not the norm for me to be rude in this way but hey….), “I guess it will have to be OK, since… that is how you do it here”!  She then told me that she couldn’t hear me.  But she managed to tell me the cost of my purchase and told me to proceed to the next window.   She took my money and told me to have a nice day.   

        Pfffff!  She just didn’t get it that she was rude and disrespectful.  If i am ordering coffee on the road; i don’t want to have to doctor up my coffee…taking off the lid to add the cream and thereby, causing the lid to possibly drip coffee all over my clothes when i am going about my day!  How hard is it for her to put the cream in the cup while she is pouring in the coffee before the lid is even put on.  What in the heck is the big deal?  Do i, THE CUSTOMER, work for her????? (more…)

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     Well, tonight was the beginning of the “experiment” of online coaching of internet marketer Ken McArthur as Glenn Dietzel coaches him through writing a book in 12 hours.  This will take place over several weeks.

      Ken is a wonderful man who has alot of life experience in many areas.  He is considered an expert in some of those areas.  His book is on having a more powerful impact on the world through the things we do in life.  I think the book will be wonderful; and the best part is, that through this coaching program online….many of us writer’s will have an opportunity to learn right alongside of Ken.

      It is one of those opportunities that i do NOT intend to let pass me by.  This one- on- one coaching can cost upwards of 10,000.00.  I dont know about you but i don’t have that kind of money.  This is the next best thing to being there. 

      I am taking copicious notes to benefit my own writing projects.  These are two men who definately know how to make things happen in the business world and the publishing world.  I intend to be a sponge and absorb as much information as i can throughout their experiment. 

       If you too want to take advantage of this opportunity…check this out:  http://tinyurl.com/2fsnbg.  It will definately be a learning experience i believe.  Update:  now that Ken has written his book on The Impact Factor you can check out his Free pre-launch website at: http://tinyurl.com/2fswc4.  This book is going to be huge and a must read!

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     Today certainly started out ordinary enough;  turned on us a bit though.  While driving my kids to school, a volunteer emergency service vehicle went flying by as i pulled off to the side of the road.  Later this afternoon, i found out that a young amish man was injured by an exploding propane tank that hit him in the head.  He needs our prayers.

     Then, after the kids had been in school for an hour or so…we lost our electric.  Then it came back on…then it went off again and stayed off.  All thoughout town it was the same.  The schools had a hard time of it.  Fast food restaurants weren’t so fast…in fact…they weren’t open! 

       Some of our school buildings are old and dark.  The high school dismissed because the upper levels of the school were completely dark.  They tried to hang in for a while to see if it would come back on.  It did…15 minutes after they dismissed the students.

     In this day and age, everything is run by power.  My husband couldn’t work here at home on his computer business.  I couldn’t do alot of housecleaning…nor could i work on my blog or any of my other electronic writings.  (Pen and paper still work though…believe it or not :))

      This experience is a reminder though for all of us that we need to take precautions for unexpected emergencies.  Have extra water on hand, cell phones (if you have them), food that can be prepared without heat or electric, gasoline, flashlights, kerosene, all manner of emergency items.  I am glad to say that i was mostly prepared.  Yeah for me!

      On the other hand, i realized how really paralyzed we are as a nation when we loose our power.  The town becomes almost frozen.  The schools don’t know how to teach the children without the computers and all of the electronic devices we have come to depend on.  I admit, i found it more than a little frustrating myself.  We could all benefit from some back to basics here and there in our lives.

     My parents have it going on.  LOL….people think they are nuts to live out in the woods with a generator to power their electric…a hand pump for their water….wood stove for heat…..but let me tell you…when you are without the things that we all take for granted in 2007….it might not be such a bad idea!!!

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     Just got done watching dances with the stars.  It was great watching these “celebrities” doing something that is out of their element for most of them.   Wow, some of the ladies were awesome.  Can’t wait to see the men tomorrow night.

      It takes alot of guts to get out there in such a public way.  Whether they fail or succeed it still takes alot of courage to put it out there for people to not only comment on your skills but to judge you before millions.  I say, they are all winners just for facing their fears and their dreams and taking a chance!

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Enjoy the day

      I am thinking, since today is forecast to be in the 80’s; i am going to enjoy the day.  After today, rain is in the forecast for a couple of days and then the fall temperatures are going to kick in.  I think i will make time to wander the yard and memorize all of the colors and details that will be hard to remember under a blanket of white snow for the next 6 months or so.  🙂

     I love the changing seasons.  However, winter seems to be the longest lasting season around here.  I want color, smell and texture most when i can’t have it.  So ….here is a little peak.

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     Have you ever met someone who you know is doing something that is meant for good; but, you aren’t sure about their motivation or their effectiveness?  While fostering for 18 plus years, i have met several that i had cause to stop and ponder about.

      Foster parenting is a very important job.  You have to do all the right things, at the right times, for the right reasons.  If not, the consequences can be terrible.  Kids have extreme needs.  Their lives are in turmoil when they are removed from their parents homes.  That happens for a lot of different reasons.  Some are very bad reasons, some are responsible reasons or for reasons of safety.

     One of the worst things that can happen to a child is to be removed from their parent’s for legitimate reasons; only to end up in a foster home that is neither equipped to understand that child’s needs nor their behaviors.  It is compounded when said foster parents are parenting for the wrong reasons.

     Most foster homes ARE good ones; people who just care deeply for children and who’s only desire is to be a help.  However, there are those who do it for status, money, control, respect, and a variety of other dubious reasons.  In those cases, it only adds another layer of damage for that child and their families. 

     Circumstances change in life.  I am not able to foster anymore because of  my own children’s needs.  However, it truly doesn’t take away the desire to help other kids going through hard times.  If you have love to give, a safe place to live, wisdom to impart…you could add to a child’s sense of worth in this world.  You could help them to feel like they are of value.  You might even be a bridge to their family’s healing.  But for God’s sake, if you are going to do it…do it for the right reasons!  *  See later posting on Jan 15, 2008

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      Well, I have committed to a coaching program through Glenn Dietzel.  The program has a team of expert’s in the business world, who will help you find success in your writing.    This is accomplished by allowing your creativity to also become profitable.  This program is called, Books Mean Credibility.  It is a coaching program designed to help you write a book; and, get it published on the fast track.

      The whole process of getting published; is more than, a little confusing.  The idea is for an author to get their book idea, out of their heads and into the  process. 

       I think this may be the extra kick in the pants that i need; to help me to follow through.  Oh, for a girl with big ideas and a breakdown, when it comes to following through (when things get complicated or confusing); it might be, just the thing! 

     Glenn and his team will be taking internet marketer, Kenneth A. McArthur, through the publishing process.  He will author this book in 12 hours of writing time.  Then the process of publishing will begin.  It should be interesting to learn, by watching the process.  

      I will be able to apply the same process to my own writing experiences.  This one- on- one coaching can cost thousands (which i certainly do NOT have).   I committed to  observing this  program for a whole lot less than that, let me tell you!!!

       If it works…it will be a very, small investment in my transition from  an unpublished author to a published one. 

     If you are interested in such a program, you can go to:  http://www.jeffreywellman.com/recommends/credibility .  Take a look and see if it is what you are looking for; to get your work out there to the masses!  Have a successful day.

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