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Passing Away

     Today i got word that one of my good friends lost her mother this week.  It makes me so sad to think that i couldn’t be there for her.  She lives across the country.  Her mother has had dementia for the last few years…so my friend has been grieving for a while; but, for different reasons.  Her mother also had some blindness.

     It seems that she took a fall.  That fall caused what is often a downward spiral for the elderly, broken bones.  In less than two weeks she was gone.  She was sent to a nursing home and the first one did not take appropriate measures to insure her health and safety so she was moved.

    The second nursing home was a huge improvement.  There are so many good and wonderful caregivers out there.  Praise God for them.  I just want to say that my friend was a wonderful , loving and caring daughter who made sure that she made the time with her mother count for something important.  She will not wonder if she could have done things differently, she spent time with her mom and took care of her needs.  (My friend “C’s” husband also provided daily doses of care.  Delivering meals…running errands, dr appointments, fixing household problems;those are things that family does.  I know their hearts are hurting but i also know that they take away much from having care giver hearts.


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