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     Well, ok, i know i am weird…but i am not one of those parents that can’t wait for school to start.  Mostly, i like having my kids home for the summer.  So, even though back to school is exciting (what with new school clothes, book bags, shoes and all) it is somewhat a mixed bag.

     Less time to come and go without worrying about getting home before the end of the school day.  I have to be more organized (which i hate and am not good at).  But on the other hand, i have been telling myself that  there has to be some changes around here so that i can work on my writing..with less interruptions.  So, i am excited a bit myself.  Good luck to me!


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     Earlier i said that you could walk into any walmart store and get “this” prepaid cell phone for a measly $20.00…i stand corrected…..i received a circular advertisement today…that stated it could be had for a mere $14.99 (for the exact model i was sent as a replacement for my $180.00 dollar phone that they have now made obsolete the phone that i loved…the one that worked just great but is no longer usuable as it is an analog phone …not digital). 

      Oh i am so very not happy with said company.  Sad i am and angry too because due to no fault of my own…i am getting ripped off.  I am definately going to write that letter of complaint to the company.  It is an unfair practice to replace a $180.00 phone with a $14.99 dollar replacement “upgraded” phone. 

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