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     Well, today i am going to be praying big time.  My daughter, her husband and two children will be flying south to visit my son and his wife and children. 

      I am still not convinced that flying is safe.  🙂 I know , I know….my fears again.  I did not say anything about my fears to my daughter.  They fly at least once or twice a year.  My son flys more often.  My husband will be flying next week.  What?  Are they trying to drive me INSANE???   lol

      Oh well, i just told my daughter to call and let me know when they arrived (safely, i said in my mind).  God will protect them.  But, it will be my grandchildren’s first plane ride.

      Yesterday, my sweet 2 year old granddaughter called to tell grandma she was “gonna ride a plane, grandma”.  How can you not be excited for her.  So i played along and told her she was going to have so very much fun.  I know my daughter is bringing small fun things to do, snacks to eat, and dvd’s to watch.  She will have fun.   My grandson (1 year old) probably wont have fun as he has an ear infection that he is taking medicine for.  I pray he is able to sleep and not fuss too much.  He is learning to walk and wont take kindly to having to sit on mom or dad’s lap the whole time.  :)!

     In general, i am glad my adult children will get to spend some time together for the next week.  Wish i could be there too.  On the other hand, there is so much for them to do and the grandchildren can get to see each other for more than just a special holiday visit.  Yeah, love them so much!


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