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     I have so much to learn in this field.  I am trying.  I  do the writing, and of course, all of the rewriting that goes along with.  Now, i am trying to figure out the business side of it.  Not my favorite part.  I need to match the stories (and illustrations when i have them) to the correct publisher. 

    My brother in law is going to do some illustrations for me.  That is great.  I know most publishers don’t want the written word submitted with illustrations.  I will only send the combo submissions to those that do.  Those that prefer to use their own illustrators will just get the story.

     Now the hard part for me is the waiting for the ‘ yeah or the nay’.  So far, two nay’s on the first story submission.  So, i am psyched to send it back out for other publisher’s to take a look at it.  But the hard thing is the wait; when you put it in the mail, the waiting is  3-6 months for EACH SUBMISSION.  Who knew it could take so long.  Geez.

     It can be somewhat discouraging.  In the meantime, i am training myself to write other things and get them out there.  But i must learn to be semi-organized about creating a system of who and when i submit to.  So, i will create a log…for each story and put them in a seperate file (until i figure out a better way). 

     Oh, the beauty of experience.  I need a couple of successes here so that i can get the swing of things and keep myself motivated. 

      Kids today are exposed to so much negativity….i need to figure out what stirs their boat.  The old days of see spot run are gone and kids need positive, uplifting experiences.  Lots of color, tons of active, interaction  with others (in this isolating techno age we all live in) and an interesting fun place  to escape to for a short time.

     Hey, sounds like the very reasons i pick up books to read :)!


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