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library recon

      Well, yesterday i went to the library and did some recon work.  I made myself go down and study some of the best children’s books and what makes them so popular.  I have so many ideas for my children’s books but really understanding how they are set up and how the stories unfold makes all the difference in the world.

     With 6 children, i have read more than my share of children’s books.  Some are great and some are outstanding…then there are the sinker’s.  🙂  I don’t want to write a sinker. 

      I really am a believer in humor and color and texture.  I can appreciate all three.  I am not an artist.  Can’t draw much at all.  But, the great thing is that i don’t have to have that skill.  Wish i did but i don’t. 

     So anyway, i picked up a variety of books.  I read two of them (i am a fast reader and a voracious one at that).  I have several more that i am going to work on this week.   Then i think i will take a look again at the stories i had been planning to send out this week to publishers.  Maybe, i will see things that need to be re-adjusted.

      Gosh, why does it take so long to get feedback from the publishers.  I hate that.  I know why in reality because the balance is all one sided.  It stinks that the publisher’s are flooded with submissions so that the power is all one sided.

      Everyone knows that scarcity is what balances the power.  The problem, is that it is so hard to get out of the slush pile and noticed in a positive way.  No one wants to be noticed negatively.   The odds are not great for someone new.

      In any case, i must be a masochist because so far, i haven’t lost the drive to continue. 


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