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     Ok, i know i am weird in this way…but my new cell phone got programmed today and i had knots in my stomach the whole time.  Weird huh?  My husband pushed the buttons while i repeated each number in the code out loud parroting the very nice, spannish, young man who ever so patiently told me the numbers.

      It would have been funny if i hadn’t had this huge knot in my stomach.  Why?  I dont know….it makes me feel like i have my hand on the red button in the oval office.  One wrong number and something terrible will happen (most likely have to start reprogramming all over again  lol!)  What the heck.  Oh well…it is programmed…i have had to wait for over an hour now to check for sure. 

     The tension headache is to it’s peak now.  Geez, so i guess i should do a test call now that the hour waiting time is over.  Hope everything works as it should.  I don’t have great luck when it comes to tech things.  My husband just looks at me like i am from outer space.  He didn’t stress out. 

     Of course, i haven’t felt well for the last 24 hours either…kind of fluish.  My son has been having trouble with his asthma for the last few days too…so i am kind of stressed out anyway. 

      It will be an interesting week what with my husband traveling on a plane this week.  I hate that it is the week of 911 anniversary as well.  Why do people have to look for ways to cause destruction and pain to each other? 

       Here’s to a week of peace.  I don’t know about you but i could use a little of that.


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