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     My husband is working so very hard putting together his next big project.  He has entered into a new phase of  life regarding earning a living.  He worked on a dairy farm for 20 years and because of the farm’s financial circumstances, felt he had to find another job.  So he went to work for a major baby food company and then got laid off after two years.

      So, he had a crash course in internet marketing.  He has risen to the challenge and is thriving.  God is ultimately in charge in these kind of circumstances.  J is just trying to be obedient.

     He is going off on another adventure and will be networking; and, I am sure God is going to be blessing us through-out the whole process.  Success is such a web of choices.  Personal fulfillment is about the talents and creative drive we each are born with and our ability  to do something in life that we can be proud of. 

     Now, hopefully the ability to support a family in this new career path will prove itself.  I wish for him financial success to underscore all of his hard work and personal sacrifice that he has put into learning this new way of providing for our family.  He deserves so many good things.  Everything he does is for God and his family.  I picked a good one 25 years ago. 🙂


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