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Honey is coming home

      I am happy to pick up my honey tomorrow at the airport.  When i’ve spoken to him, since he left, he sounds like he is having a great time.  He needed to do that.  He has been working very hard for months.  So i am glad that he has had time to network and relax.

      The only bad part is that i have been sick while he was gone.  I wanted to go, and do some things while he was gone, with the children.  It is starting to warm up again a bit during the day…so maybe we can hit the park or something like that.  I know they would enjoy that.

       My father is having a colonoscopy and an endoscopy tomorrow.  I am worried about that as his blood is still very thin and bleeding can be a problem.  This procedure can cause bleeding issues also.  I just pray for God’s protection during the procedure.  It needs to be done I know…but maybe, just maybe they should wait a while…i dont know. 

       Anyway, if there are issues here to deal with…we need to know it.  He has been through so much with the lymphoma already.   He thinks he may have cancer elsewhere….i hope and pray he is wrong.



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