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      Finally, the whole family is in one place again.  Husband made it home safely from San Francisco.  The conference went great and he met alot of really wonderful internet marketers.  I am thrilled for him.   He is making a name for himself  just because of who he is and his integrity.  I am so proud who he is.

      There was a woman at that conference who heard about my writing project regarding advocating for special needs children.  She said that she felt this ebook was very much needed.  I agree. 

       However, i really need to go over all of the angles; of what information is  needed most.  There are so very many issues to cover.   I wouldn’t want to miss anything that could help  a family who is in the position of advocating for their child. 

       So, now that we are getting into the swing of things around here with school and schedules..i need to get back to work.  Anyone out there who could benefit from this kind of information?  If you have ideas or questions regarding special needs advocacy, I would welcome them if you care to leave a comment.  Thanks!


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