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Robin Roberts

      I saw Robin Roberts today on Good Morning America say that she was starting chemotherapy tomorrow.  I pray that she is well soon.  My father just finished up his chemo a couple of months ago.  He is undergoing more tests before they remove the port.  They want to make sure before they put him through the surgery to remove it that they won’t need to administer chemo again. 

      If you know anyone going through chemo it is important to be there to help out.  Even if that person doesn’t feel they need help…they may occasionally need a listening ear.  Support is so important…day or night.  I know that Robin Roberts has a lot of people praying for her and she has a strong family unit.  But some people don’t. 


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      I found a great, simple book on the process of writing for children.  It is by Tracey E. Dils and it’s called, “You Can Write Children’s Books”.  It gives the perfect information and presents it in ways that everyone can understand.

      I also have several more books on the way.  I ordered them last week so that i will have the new 2008 Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market book as well as several other new tools.  It is always good to have access to the tools you need to do the very, best job possible.

      There is always something new to learn.  I want to do this and do it well…so i am researching and learning; at the same time, i am doing!  🙂


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