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     Now, I don’t know about you but, i have been thinking alot about opportunities.  Opportunities that are both taken advantage of and opportunities that are missed.  It has been a mystery for me, in the past, to know when  an opportunity is beneficial.

     I think God has been trying to show me that you need to trust your “instincts”.  My sister has been looking for a job for months.  Her situation was becoming more and more desperate unbeknown to me.  Then, the day before yesterday, i saw a sign in front of a business asking for help wanted.  I couldn’t get ahold of my sister for various reasons that day. 

    Then yesterday, i thought to call her in the morning; but, didn’t follow through until the afternoon.  Right at that particular moment, my sister was in turmoil.  She had another job possiblity come through; but, her “instincts” were telling her it was all wrong.  Even though she was desperate she still felt that it wasn’t the right thing.  She agreed to take the position however, because of her situation.  When my call came through to her…she said that it was an answer from God.  Today, she went for that interview and got the job.  Definite opportunity to take advantage of.  “Instinct”…..good opportunity vs. bad opportunity.

      Over the last few days, several other opportunities have been held under a microscope for me.  My husband’s business for instance; he offered an opportunity to his subscriber list (over 10,000) people.  Only 13 of them responded to the opportunity.  Then, when the opportunity was fully revealed…(those same people who DID NOT respond) were very upset when they found out what the MISSED OPPORTUNITY that they missed out on was!   “Instinct” is very important.  

      Are you looking around daily to see what opportunities are available to you…do you trust your instincts???


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