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      Well, I have committed to a coaching program through Glenn Dietzel.  The program has a team of expert’s in the business world, who will help you find success in your writing.    This is accomplished by allowing your creativity to also become profitable.  This program is called, Books Mean Credibility.  It is a coaching program designed to help you write a book; and, get it published on the fast track.

      The whole process of getting published; is more than, a little confusing.  The idea is for an author to get their book idea, out of their heads and into the  process. 

       I think this may be the extra kick in the pants that i need; to help me to follow through.  Oh, for a girl with big ideas and a breakdown, when it comes to following through (when things get complicated or confusing); it might be, just the thing! 

     Glenn and his team will be taking internet marketer, Kenneth A. McArthur, through the publishing process.  He will author this book in 12 hours of writing time.  Then the process of publishing will begin.  It should be interesting to learn, by watching the process.  

      I will be able to apply the same process to my own writing experiences.  This one- on- one coaching can cost thousands (which i certainly do NOT have).   I committed to  observing this  program for a whole lot less than that, let me tell you!!!

       If it works…it will be a very, small investment in my transition from  an unpublished author to a published one. 

     If you are interested in such a program, you can go to:  http://www.jeffreywellman.com/recommends/credibility .  Take a look and see if it is what you are looking for; to get your work out there to the masses!  Have a successful day.


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      Oh boy, i am a little nervous!  I got an announcement this morning that in 2 hours and 46 minutes they will be doing maintenance on wordpress.com.  They are going to do something different with the categories dept.

      This could be excellent or it could be disasterious.  Now, i know it is good intentioned.  This is supposed to give us bloggers more flexibility in the category dept.  That will be great.  I tried to condense my categories last night. I was unaware at that time, that wordpress was going to be doing this category thing. 

      As you can see from my home page…i was unsuccessful at condensing the list.  :)!  Is this due to my lack of technical abilities…maybeeeeeeeeee….or is it a glitch in the system?  Maybeeeeeeeeeeee…..we will see after the maintenance.  LOL

      I hope to clean up the presentation of the blog.  Anyway..hope you are having a great day.  I hope i don’t loose any of my blog posts after the maintenance (you see i don’t have the greatest luck with technical or mechanical things).  Let’s hope today is the beginning of a new, concise site.  It will be my attempt to organize the site a little better!

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