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     Have you ever met someone who you know is doing something that is meant for good; but, you aren’t sure about their motivation or their effectiveness?  While fostering for 18 plus years, i have met several that i had cause to stop and ponder about.

      Foster parenting is a very important job.  You have to do all the right things, at the right times, for the right reasons.  If not, the consequences can be terrible.  Kids have extreme needs.  Their lives are in turmoil when they are removed from their parents homes.  That happens for a lot of different reasons.  Some are very bad reasons, some are responsible reasons or for reasons of safety.

     One of the worst things that can happen to a child is to be removed from their parent’s for legitimate reasons; only to end up in a foster home that is neither equipped to understand that child’s needs nor their behaviors.  It is compounded when said foster parents are parenting for the wrong reasons.

     Most foster homes ARE good ones; people who just care deeply for children and who’s only desire is to be a help.  However, there are those who do it for status, money, control, respect, and a variety of other dubious reasons.  In those cases, it only adds another layer of damage for that child and their families. 

     Circumstances change in life.  I am not able to foster anymore because of  my own children’s needs.  However, it truly doesn’t take away the desire to help other kids going through hard times.  If you have love to give, a safe place to live, wisdom to impart…you could add to a child’s sense of worth in this world.  You could help them to feel like they are of value.  You might even be a bridge to their family’s healing.  But for God’s sake, if you are going to do it…do it for the right reasons!  *  See later posting on Jan 15, 2008

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