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     Today certainly started out ordinary enough;  turned on us a bit though.  While driving my kids to school, a volunteer emergency service vehicle went flying by as i pulled off to the side of the road.  Later this afternoon, i found out that a young amish man was injured by an exploding propane tank that hit him in the head.  He needs our prayers.

     Then, after the kids had been in school for an hour or so…we lost our electric.  Then it came back on…then it went off again and stayed off.  All thoughout town it was the same.  The schools had a hard time of it.  Fast food restaurants weren’t so fast…in fact…they weren’t open! 

       Some of our school buildings are old and dark.  The high school dismissed because the upper levels of the school were completely dark.  They tried to hang in for a while to see if it would come back on.  It did…15 minutes after they dismissed the students.

     In this day and age, everything is run by power.  My husband couldn’t work here at home on his computer business.  I couldn’t do alot of housecleaning…nor could i work on my blog or any of my other electronic writings.  (Pen and paper still work though…believe it or not :))

      This experience is a reminder though for all of us that we need to take precautions for unexpected emergencies.  Have extra water on hand, cell phones (if you have them), food that can be prepared without heat or electric, gasoline, flashlights, kerosene, all manner of emergency items.  I am glad to say that i was mostly prepared.  Yeah for me!

      On the other hand, i realized how really paralyzed we are as a nation when we loose our power.  The town becomes almost frozen.  The schools don’t know how to teach the children without the computers and all of the electronic devices we have come to depend on.  I admit, i found it more than a little frustrating myself.  We could all benefit from some back to basics here and there in our lives.

     My parents have it going on.  LOL….people think they are nuts to live out in the woods with a generator to power their electric…a hand pump for their water….wood stove for heat…..but let me tell you…when you are without the things that we all take for granted in 2007….it might not be such a bad idea!!!


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     Just got done watching dances with the stars.  It was great watching these “celebrities” doing something that is out of their element for most of them.   Wow, some of the ladies were awesome.  Can’t wait to see the men tomorrow night.

      It takes alot of guts to get out there in such a public way.  Whether they fail or succeed it still takes alot of courage to put it out there for people to not only comment on your skills but to judge you before millions.  I say, they are all winners just for facing their fears and their dreams and taking a chance!

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