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       I don’t know about you, but i have a hard time obeying someone just for the sake of obeying.  I have to be able to think a thing through and find the reason for something.  I don’t like to blindly obey; that requires alot of trust.

      As you can imagine…as a child…that was not the best approach.  🙂  My mother always told me…i had to learn things the HARD WAY.  Too funny…she was absolutely right.  I do, sometimes, have to learn the hard way for it to sink in.

      As a parent; i know the value of obeying.  When my children were little, it terrified me crossing streets and things like that as my children are somewhat hardheaded.   Obeying me was in their best interest; I knew that…but they did not understand it that way.

        (My mother, at great times of stress, wished for me…”TEN CHILDREN JUST LIKE YOU!”  hahah   She probably regrets saying that now….as she has  many grandchildren  just like me). 

      Amazing since they aren’t biological…i just think it is because God has a wonderful sense of humor. 🙂 (more…)


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       It is going to be a semi- warm day today, with some breeze.  We are offering to go and do yard work for someone who just had surgery.  This isn’t really someone who attends our church (regularily). He has loved ones who do. 

       This is someone who could really benefit from all that God has to offer.  He has sort of had a difficult time in life, ya know.  But often we hear through the grapevine; that more often than not, it is not words of praise for God or his people that this person concentrates on.  He is somewhat negative.

       Some people would say (and have); why go and do good deeds for someone who doesn’t have nice things to say about Christians or the church.  Well, truth be told, human nature says…forget about that person.  If they aren’t going to appreciate what you try to do for them…move on to someone who will.  Wrong…that isn’t what God expects or commands us to do. (more…)

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       Dad was released from the hospital.  They have been able to get his blood levels to a zone that will help to keep more blood clots from forming (hopefully).  Thank God.

        Mom has her dr appt today for the stress test.  Hope that things go well.  Kids are back in school and i am knee deep in house cleaning as everything went by the wayside this last week with spending so much time at the hospital. 

      The kids harvest party went well.  They all had a blast…I however, can barely move.  LOL…getting old sure does not make doing these extra things easy.  Every muscle hurts…running, jumping, bending, stretching, chasing; you get the idea.  Well, it was a success anyway.

       The pinatas proved to be stronger than they appeared..but it provided plenty of entertainment for the two different age groups.  Then we had eating games….kids had to “find” ten gummy bears in a dish of whipped cream…using only their mouths.  LOL   It was fun.

       Way too much sugar involved though in my opinion…but then, i wasnt in charge of all.  But there was candy, cookies, doughnuts, cider, baked goods, candy and more candy.   Glad only three of those children had to come home with me!!!

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       I dont know about every state….but here in michigan, a special needs student that graduates high school and gets a diploma cannot continue to receive educational services. 

       If that same student, instead, chooses to get a certificate of completion; they are entitled to educational services through the schools until they reach the age of 26.  This may include teaching them daily living skills, a job coach among other services. 

         Unfortunately, in years past, families were not appropriately informed that they had a choice.  Consequently, many families are in the position of not being able to access additional services for their student.  This is unfair.

      Now, i suppose if you are living in a metropolitan area where there are more organizations, and more agencies geared towards the idea of improving the lives of special needs adults, you just might do ok.  (more…)

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       My dad was moved to the ICU today.  He was given heperin as they believe that he has a blood clot below the lungs.  The doctors are not sure yet though so they are doing more tests.  He will have a specialist evaluate him tomorrow.

      The problem is that his blood is so very low that the blood thinners could kill him .  Yet, if the other dr is right and it is a reoccurance of cancer or some other type of cancer..that is equally horrible.  I am scared for my dad.  Right now, either scenerio is bad…and the treatments for the conditions are equally dangerous.  Only God is able to heal and protect him.  We are all praying.

      My mom is having health problems too…she is there for dad but…this stress isnt good on her right now either.  Man, we are all worried.  So many people going through hard times. 

       Then out in California…the fires.  Wow, hug those that you love….tell them that you love them.  Keep them close to your heart and mind.  I know i am. 

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Man, it feels like a tornado of bad things has hit my friends and family again.  My friends D & B have lost their father (in-law) on saturday night.  My mother passed out and couldnt breathe and they dont know why yet.  She has testing to go through this week.

During the night, my mom called and said that my dad agreed to go to the hospital as he was experiencing severe pain in his ribs and was having trouble breathing.  He has a blood clot under his lungs.  I dont know more yet…but i am on my way to the hospital as soon as i can drop off the children to school.

Then i am off to the airport to pick up my waiting husband home from his business trip.  This is just crazy.  The devil is having a fun time at my family and friends expense.  Lord help us!

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       One more day and night gone.  Tonight will be the last night without my husband being home.  I go pick him up tuesday morning at the airport.  I miss him alot.  The kids and i have done alot of things while he’s been gone; but, something/someone has been missing.

     Did ya ever notice how everything changes with you add/subtract just one main person from an event?  Well, that is how we have felt for the last 5 days.  Everything we do…is missing an important element…him. 🙂 (more…)

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     It is sunday morning.  Today, i am off to help teach the children’s church.  My husband is still out of town and he is the main teacher.  He is like a live wire so when he is missing…it is really felt.  One of our teens from our youth group is going to take over and do the main teaching today.  This is great for her (mentoring) and she is super with the kids.  They do love her alot.

      My job will be crowd control.  We have several behaviorally challenged children as well as several special needs children who have to be monitored constantly.  Hopefully, we can get a couple of other adults to help out today. 

      Then, after church…it is going to be like another gorgeous fall (75 degrees :)) day.  Wow, I am off to take some senior pictures of the young lady who is helping me teach today.  It is going to be fun.  All outdoor shots and fun to boot.  Then we will hit the pizza place in her town.  Should be a great day. (more…)

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dsc02003.jpgdsc02014.jpgdsc01996.jpgdsc01996.jpg      The day was bright, breezy, and full of sunshine today.  Took lots of pictures of the kids at different outdoor locations.  It was fun.  We had a good time and the kids look great.  I realized last week…that i have been falling down big time in the picture taking department.

      So, i took quite a few.  The kids weren’t like really dressed up or anything at all…but they are more like candid shots. (more…)

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