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     Oh man, if it is true…if Britney has lost custody of her children that is heartbreaking.  Obviously, children need to be safe, loved, and appropriately cared for.  I hope that someone is there to be a safety net to a mother who is going to be in great pain.  She is somewhat cut off from her normal “safety net of family relatives” who could otherwise be there for her and the children.  This tragedy could get way worse if conditions are allowed to spin even farther out of control.

      It has been obvious that things are going from bad to worse in her world.  Is it true that drugs and alcohol are involved; mental illness, who knows?  The media plays this stuff like it is some kind of entertainment. (more…)


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      Finally, my new 2008 writer’s market books arrived.  I have been just chomping at the bit waiting for them to arrive.  My old ones (2007) are very used :).  So, i can’t wait to immerse myself in them.

      They are great for up to date information.  Things change in the publishing world and you must stay up- to- date.  If you can’t purchase the books….most libraries carry them.  (more…)

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