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Can’t focus

        I feel like i must be ADD or something.  I can’t seem to focus on any one subject today.  I went to a quiet place and i worked for a time…but geez…too many distractions and not enough time since then to get anything done.  Maybe i can work tonight when everyone else is down for the night.

       Some days it feels like everyone else is doing what they were meant to do. I  just direct family traffic; allowing everyone else in the world to do what fulfills them.  I need a goal and time to fulfill it.  

        I guess it is just a feel sorry for myself day.  🙂 Boo hoo!

      Tomorrow is a new day, right?  Then again, i dont have to wait for tomorrow.  I just have to carve out some more quiet time…later tonight.  Memo to self…don’t box yourself in and limit your opportunities. 


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     I think today, i will work on some techniques that i am learning from a new book i purchased; it is about using the idea of picture words.  I need to use very concise words that paint a picture for children.  This will help them to see, what i see as they read my stories.

      First though, I am taking the last child off to school.  She looks so cute this morning.  I conditioned her long, blonde hair this morning and then i treated her to a warm blow dryer session.   When i let her hair dry naturally it takes hours to dry.  We usually do her showers at night so she isn’t cold in the mornings.  It makes for a happier morning routine.

        Then, I am driving to the local BK-drive thru.  I am sure that i will grow long, fine leg hairs while my van sits and perfumes the air with white puffs of vapor.  I am sure, I will be wasting precious fuel while they get ready to perform the difficult task (it must be difficult as it takes FOREVER 🙂 ) of filling my medium- sized brown, steamy cups of java.  I can’t wait to smell the nutty, aroma of the roasted beans.  That always pops my heavy, eye lids open early in the morning.

     If only i would have had time last night to make that yummy, bananna bread i could have had it with my strong cup of coffee this morning.  Ahhh….there is always tomorrow!!!

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