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      Today has had a few….”TA DA”  moments.  Things are looking a little more “up” for business.  This is a very welcome thing.  Sometimes, competition is a good thing and sometimes it wipes you out.  However, it always ….ALWAYS, pays to know what your competition is up to! 🙂 

       Nothing wrong with healthy competition…always try to conduct yourself with integrity.  Sometimes you just have to be ready to change your course of action to bump up your decisons to the next level.  Especially, when your competition is of a high level, deserving of respect. (more…)


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     Ok, lately it seems that negativity is all around my family and friends.  I am sick and tired of it.  Are we magnets for the bad things in life or what?  I really, really hate having to bounce from one bad thing to another.  I am not,  at the most basic level negative. 

      However, it is hard to look at the bright side when it seems that these things just keep coming.  Can’t you just see the tv adds…..”Negativity, the gift that keeps on giving”.  🙂 

      We’ve had sickness, disease, financial difficulties, family members going through divorce, physical attacks, job losses, death…you name it.

     It is time for good to have free reign for a change.  May God bless all!

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