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      Well, i did take my kids to the movie The Game.  It was a wonderful movie.  There aren’t too many movies that are family movies; but, i can honestly say..that when this one comes out on dvd…i will buy it.  Had laughs and touching emotional moment in it that made it worth watching.

      When i got home there were 4 messages for me on the answering machine.  Two were from my dad.  That doesn’t happen because my dad doesn’t like talking on the phone. I knew it was important.  It was about my mom. (more…)


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      My husband is gone out of town for another 3 days.  So, in the interest of fairness to the children….i think i will balance out the work that we need to do this morning with some fun activities this afternoon.  Maybe i will take them to a movie. 

       This is a rare occurance as movies cost so much.  I think it will be a fun adventure.  Tomorrow, i am shooting some senior pictures for one of the young ladies from out youth group.  I am excited about this.  We are going to go down to the river and shoot some outdoor pictures.  This is my love.  When i shoot pictures i prefer to do them outdoors.  (more…)

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