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       My dad was moved to the ICU today.  He was given heperin as they believe that he has a blood clot below the lungs.  The doctors are not sure yet though so they are doing more tests.  He will have a specialist evaluate him tomorrow.

      The problem is that his blood is so very low that the blood thinners could kill him .  Yet, if the other dr is right and it is a reoccurance of cancer or some other type of cancer..that is equally horrible.  I am scared for my dad.  Right now, either scenerio is bad…and the treatments for the conditions are equally dangerous.  Only God is able to heal and protect him.  We are all praying.

      My mom is having health problems too…she is there for dad but…this stress isnt good on her right now either.  Man, we are all worried.  So many people going through hard times. 

       Then out in California…the fires.  Wow, hug those that you love….tell them that you love them.  Keep them close to your heart and mind.  I know i am. 


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Man, it feels like a tornado of bad things has hit my friends and family again.  My friends D & B have lost their father (in-law) on saturday night.  My mother passed out and couldnt breathe and they dont know why yet.  She has testing to go through this week.

During the night, my mom called and said that my dad agreed to go to the hospital as he was experiencing severe pain in his ribs and was having trouble breathing.  He has a blood clot under his lungs.  I dont know more yet…but i am on my way to the hospital as soon as i can drop off the children to school.

Then i am off to the airport to pick up my waiting husband home from his business trip.  This is just crazy.  The devil is having a fun time at my family and friends expense.  Lord help us!

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