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       Dad was released from the hospital.  They have been able to get his blood levels to a zone that will help to keep more blood clots from forming (hopefully).  Thank God.

        Mom has her dr appt today for the stress test.  Hope that things go well.  Kids are back in school and i am knee deep in house cleaning as everything went by the wayside this last week with spending so much time at the hospital. 

      The kids harvest party went well.  They all had a blast…I however, can barely move.  LOL…getting old sure does not make doing these extra things easy.  Every muscle hurts…running, jumping, bending, stretching, chasing; you get the idea.  Well, it was a success anyway.

       The pinatas proved to be stronger than they appeared..but it provided plenty of entertainment for the two different age groups.  Then we had eating games….kids had to “find” ten gummy bears in a dish of whipped cream…using only their mouths.  LOL   It was fun.

       Way too much sugar involved though in my opinion…but then, i wasnt in charge of all.  But there was candy, cookies, doughnuts, cider, baked goods, candy and more candy.   Glad only three of those children had to come home with me!!!


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