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      Well, i did take my kids to the movie The Game.  It was a wonderful movie.  There aren’t too many movies that are family movies; but, i can honestly say..that when this one comes out on dvd…i will buy it.  Had laughs and touching emotional moment in it that made it worth watching.

      When i got home there were 4 messages for me on the answering machine.  Two were from my dad.  That doesn’t happen because my dad doesn’t like talking on the phone. I knew it was important.  It was about my mom. (more…)

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      My husband is gone out of town for another 3 days.  So, in the interest of fairness to the children….i think i will balance out the work that we need to do this morning with some fun activities this afternoon.  Maybe i will take them to a movie. 

       This is a rare occurance as movies cost so much.  I think it will be a fun adventure.  Tomorrow, i am shooting some senior pictures for one of the young ladies from out youth group.  I am excited about this.  We are going to go down to the river and shoot some outdoor pictures.  This is my love.  When i shoot pictures i prefer to do them outdoors.  (more…)

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      Of course, wouldn’t ya know it…my hubby has gone out of town and those terrible wicked storms that have been moving across the states are here.  Funnel clouds have been sighted in my county in the last few hours and more storms are forming and coming across Lake Michigan. 

     Hail up to two inches in diameter; winds that are 60-65 miles an hour with gusts up to 95.  Unreal winds.  And lightening and rain and winds that rotate….meaning tornados.  So, we prepare to head to the basement.  Candles, flashlights…water…chairs and blankets.  Fun,fun, fun…thank God for radar. 

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      Wow, what a night.  Been feeling ill for the last two days (and nights).  Unfortunately for me, we had to stay in a hotel last night as my husband had a flight this morning and had to be at the airport at 5 am.  He had to fly to california again for a business seminar.  I pray it will be a successful one!

       The bed in our hotel room was like a rock.  I am telling you between feeling very ill with a fever and sick stomach and having extreme body ache from the bed…i feel like i really didnt sleep.  We took my honey to the airport and came back to the hotel for a little more sleep and some breakfast.  Then we drove another hour and 15 minutes to get the children home to school. 

      It is only 10:30 am and I am exhausted. 🙂  I think i will take a short nap.  I need to feel better soon, so rest is the answer i think.

       At least the kids got to play in the pool for a while last night.  Mom and dad hung out in the hot tub for a short time; so it wasnt all unpleasant. 

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       I have a baby shower to go to tonight.  Not just for one baby though.  There are two mothers representing two seperate families.  One mother is expecting twins (a boy and a girl) and the other mother is having a boy.

       So, i went and purchased some outfits and some necessities.   Great fun for me.  Now, i am in the process of finishing a small little poncho for the girl baby.  Now, since the girl is one of a set of twins…i expect that they will be premie.  Most of the time, if a mother is expecting twins they will deliver the babies a month early or so.  Needless to say, the poncho is small.  🙂 (more…)

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      Words are windows into people’s thoughts, lives and cultures.  Reading is a great way to learn, to escape and to explore.  I love to read and I tried hard to get my children interested in reading at young ages.  During the summer we are at the library at least three times a week.  It is a great way to show them all that they can enjoy through books. (more…)

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dsc00927.JPG      It is getting to the point, in the fall weather where my flowers are putting on their curtain call.  My roses are the showiest besides the fall mums.  The roses always get their last frilly, fragrant showcase around this time of year.

      Fall’s frost has just begun to threaten them.  When temperatures start to fall at night in Michigan, my roses get motivated to get all covered in blooms.  It reminds me that spring will come and winter will not last forever (even when it SEEMS like winter lasts for 9 months out of the year).

      So today, i will go out after church and cut a few of the showier ones.  Then I will  bring them inside and put them in my gorgeous eggplant, clear purple vase.

       Then i will breathe in their fruity, lemony and musky scents all day and all night; until, they just can’t perform for me anymore.  It is a short life when cut…but if they are left to frost’s frozen fingers their life will be even shorter.  That is the only way i can do it…cut them i mean.  At least this way, their bloom is appreciated as long as possible. 

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      My son is going to grandma and grandpa’s house.  He is so eagerly awaiting their arrival to pick him up that he is glued to the window.  He loves going to their place to stay …even if it is only overnight.

      Grandpa and grandma don’t have electricity…at least not in the usual way.  They run their electricity at their home from a generator.  They live way back in the woods and they pump their water with a hand pump.  My son loves all the wild life back in the woods. (more…)

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      Today has had a few….”TA DA”  moments.  Things are looking a little more “up” for business.  This is a very welcome thing.  Sometimes, competition is a good thing and sometimes it wipes you out.  However, it always ….ALWAYS, pays to know what your competition is up to! 🙂 

       Nothing wrong with healthy competition…always try to conduct yourself with integrity.  Sometimes you just have to be ready to change your course of action to bump up your decisons to the next level.  Especially, when your competition is of a high level, deserving of respect. (more…)

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     Ok, lately it seems that negativity is all around my family and friends.  I am sick and tired of it.  Are we magnets for the bad things in life or what?  I really, really hate having to bounce from one bad thing to another.  I am not,  at the most basic level negative. 

      However, it is hard to look at the bright side when it seems that these things just keep coming.  Can’t you just see the tv adds…..”Negativity, the gift that keeps on giving”.  🙂 

      We’ve had sickness, disease, financial difficulties, family members going through divorce, physical attacks, job losses, death…you name it.

     It is time for good to have free reign for a change.  May God bless all!

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