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     Did you ever wonder, what it is about  people who have dreams that seem to “magically” come true?  Some people have dreams that lay dormant for years being neglected for one reason or another. 

        Other people, appear to suddenly develop dreams and accomplish them almost by accident.  How does that happen? (more…)


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      Helio where’d you go…straight to the top.  Congratulations!  Mel B job well done… each and every competitor…has alot to be proud of.  (more…)

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      For those of you who don’t follow my blog…my mother has been in the hospital with serious health concerns.  They thought she had congestive heart failure, or pneumonia, or severe bronchitis.  She can’t get enough oxygen. (more…)

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     Oh man, i can’t wait to watch what Marie pulls out of the hat tonight.  I have always thought she was talented, pretty and driven.  I love her sense of humor and her style. (more…)

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Happy Birthday

      Today is my father’s birthday.  He should be out celebrating but instead he is at the hospital with mom.  This morning i got a call that the doctor is rethinking her illness.  He thinks it may be possible that she does NOT have congestive heart failure…she may ONLY (which is bad enough but the lessor of two evils definately) have pneumonia.

       If this is true and the tests today prove Mom has pneumonia instead of congestive heart failure it just might be the best birthday present Dad ever got!

       I have been sick and therefore have banned myself from the hospital yesterday and today.  So, later we will call and sing happy birthday to Dad and (hopefully) hear the good news about the tests! 

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      My mom is in the hospital.  She has congestive heart failure, pneumonia, bronchitis, diabetes, shingles and high blood pressure.  They rushed her from her doctor appointment to a hospital an hour away. 

       Her oxygen levels were at an astounding 63.  They dont like it if it drops below 94 percent.  The doctor and nurses were freaked out.  The rest of us too.  (more…)

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       Thanksgiving…the meaning of it all to me is understanding that everything good in life is a gift.  We must remember our manners and thank the one who provides it all; God. (more…)

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Spending Time

       I got to thinking the other day of the meaning of spending time.  I just sort of never really put a whole lot of meaning into the phrase.  But I have been thinking lately about all of those friends and family who have been dealing with sickness…and diseases that have really impacted their lives.

       When you stop and think about saying something like…I have been spending alot of time lately…(doing whatever time waster, you can insert here) it really brings a whole new meaning to the phrase. (more…)

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        My children arrived safely from Atlanta for the Thanksgiving holiday.  They are going to be here several days to enjoy each other before everyone arrives for Thanksgiving dinner.  This is good.

         My son said…he almost didn’t get to come as (he owns his own business) he had alot of business to do during this week.  I am thankful for the high speed internet that allowed him to come and work out of my husband’s office here at home.  Otherwise it would have been another holiday without my son, daughter-in-law and grandson and granddaughter.  That just would not be a good thing.  We were supposed to go there for the holiday but finances just didn’t permit it, unfortunately .

         We can never get together as often as a Grandma would like.  The grandchildren have a bad habit of growing up in between visits :)! 

          Here is wishing safe travel for everyone during the holidays so that more good memories can be made.  The only downside is the crazy sicknesses that are going around.  Baby girl arrived with a bad cold and cough…kind of like the virus that keeps on giving…the one that my family here has been battling for the last couple of weeks!  Here is hoping that she is feeling better soon.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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      It seems that the last few months, it has been very hard to have our family members spread around the country.  Several family members have been having severe health problems that have required hospitalization.

      We are a close loving family and we are large.  The problem is when everyone lives so far apart it is impossible to “be there for each other” in a way that feels like you can actually help out. (more…)

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