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      Well, i have been trying to ignore it. So far, not doing so well in the ignoring part.  I have had, for the last 2 days, alot of pain under my rib on the right side; as well, as around the back. 

       I am hoping that it will go away. 🙂  (It has happened in the past; gone away i mean.  After i  went to the hospital first and spent alot of money on tests of course!)  They never could find out what was wrong .

     I don’t know if it is irritable bowel, appendix, gallbladder..or what.  But, i am hoping since we don’t have insurance that it just goes away.  That is how i am praying.  We sure don’t need a bunch more medical bills.

     Feelings of guilt arise when i start feeling miserable because i know others are going through so much worse than me…including some of you who have been posting to me.  So forgive me for even mentioning it.  I only do so…because i am not sure i will be able to keep up with the posting’s on here at the moment. 

     In any case, have a super, great weekend.  Blessings your way!


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