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        Well, the children are off to school.  Now it is time for operation “clean up”.  I have been on a painting project for days.  Everything is a mess from having to be moved out of the way. 

        Today’s project is putting everything back in it’s place.  Organizing (not my strong suit) is going to take priority.  It is going to take most of the day.  Not to mention working on the rest of the chores that have been neglected since i took so much time to do the painting of the kitchen.

       Not that i missed folding laundry…or vacuuming the carpets.  🙂  LOL….that kind of stuff is always there.  I actually washed the windows last week….what is happening to me!!!!  *I must have lost my mind with this “extra” kind of stuff.  I should have the maid do those kinds of things.   Oh…I forgot…that is ME!  Dang it! (more…)

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      This morning on GMA Robin once again showed her strength and her courage.  She put her experience of loosing her hair to chemo on display.  She chose to shave her head when the chemo started her hair loss.

      Loosing one’s hair in chemo is often a universal experience…not everyone looses it…but it does happen to many.  Robin as always exudes class and style in how she presents herself.  I say that grace shines through her and she is an inspiration to many.  (more…)

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       With my son and his family coming home for thanksgiving…i am washing down the walls in the kitchen.  I am getting ready to paint the paintable wallpaper.  Part of the walls are covered in printed wallpaper and part of it is covered in  ivory, paintable wallpaper. 

      The ceiling is in desperate need of brightening up a nice white.  I think i am going to brighten up the paintable walls with a cheery, robin egg blue to go with the small printed, blue cornflower wallpaper.  It should look very nice with the light oak cabinets.

      I have a confession to make….we started putting up the printed paper but never finished it.  🙂  In stead of asking my husband to finnish that…i am going to paint.  If we decide to finish putting it up under the cabinets then it will just go over the paint.  My hubby has the sickness that the children have had.  I am feeling bad for him…trying to work when he isn’t feeling well.

     Of course, it is holiday time…so we have to get some kind of virus or whatever.  We will have about 30 people here for dinner.  We need to get well fast.  So , soon i am off to the drugstore to pick up some lysol as well as some muscinex.  Hope we are all 100% before the weekend with my son and his family arrive.  I dont want them getting sick too.

      Have a great day!

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     Wow, I just read an interesting article on the availability of open records for adult adoptees.  I was un-aware that in a few states,  adult adoptees have a right to access their birth records. 

      For the person who was adopted…this gives a wonderful  opportunity to explore their roots.  It could also, open them up for a variety of experiences good ones  and some not so good.  But, when you don’t have all of the information about yourself and others do; it must be debilitating. 

       I can understand the need to know!  I know myself well enough, that i would have driven myself batty with questions;  especially, when i was a teenager. Or when i had my first child, graduated, got married…went to college…any of those milestones that would start a person to question where they came from. (more…)

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       Wednesday night i heard news that filled me with supreme sadness.  A young lady in one of our local schools committed suicide.  I have mentioned in the blog lately that there appears to be a huge cloud of depression in several of our local high schools. (more…)

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      Well, i have been trying to ignore it. So far, not doing so well in the ignoring part.  I have had, for the last 2 days, alot of pain under my rib on the right side; as well, as around the back. 

       I am hoping that it will go away. 🙂  (It has happened in the past; gone away i mean.  After i  went to the hospital first and spent alot of money on tests of course!)  They never could find out what was wrong .

     I don’t know if it is irritable bowel, appendix, gallbladder..or what.  But, i am hoping since we don’t have insurance that it just goes away.  That is how i am praying.  We sure don’t need a bunch more medical bills.

     Feelings of guilt arise when i start feeling miserable because i know others are going through so much worse than me…including some of you who have been posting to me.  So forgive me for even mentioning it.  I only do so…because i am not sure i will be able to keep up with the posting’s on here at the moment. 

     In any case, have a super, great weekend.  Blessings your way!

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     My husband got his first e-zine article published today.  I am proud of him…he is learning so much in his new  business.  He re-designed his business blog making it more visually appealing.  It looks awesome.

      I believe that he is learning and growing in this online business.  He says he has so much more to learn.   Often people will get intimidated and just stop when things become too challenging; not my guy!

       He is an extra special man…he gives constantly of his time and his knowledge to others who are just starting their online business’s.  It helps that he is a people person and that he is straight up about what he knows and what he doesn’t.  If he doesn’t know an answer…he will find someone who does.  His customers understand that about him.  He has earned their trust.

      He is making a name for himself and earning the respect of others who have been doing this for quite some time.  Baby boomers are having to carve their own niche in supporting their families these days with the economy the way it is.  It is no longer feasible, in the larger sense, to start a job and expect to retire from that job in 20-25 years. 

       Half way through our journey in life…someone changed the rule book….lay offs and down sizing is now the name of the game.  There is very little security. 

        But, Baby Boomers need’s have not changed.  We all still need to have money to raise our families, pay for our mortgages, put away for retirement, and help out our aging parents.  It is hard to do that in a time when there is so much instability with jobs.

        I know that hubby has the weight of the world on his shoulders financially; but, he has accomplished so much in such a short time..that i just wanted to say how proud I am of him. 

        Now, if only the financial rewards were to become a bit more steady; i know that, he could really become a power house in helping others to improve their lives in the same way.  Other’s are more willing to follow in someone else’s footsteps if they see a clear path to success.

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       Got a phone call from the high school today regarding my 16 year old son.  The teacher said he was having a hard time breathing and had chest pains.  I tried not to panic and actually did well, considering that i knew the new medications he was on could be causing him a bad reaction. (more…)

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      Today’s news of the passing away of George Osmond, father of the Osmond brothers and their sister Marie made me sad.  Growing up through the 70’s and 80’s i feel sort of bonded to the Osmond family.  I watched them over those years and always felt somewhat invested in their lives.  What girl growing up at that time…didn’t have a crush on Donnie.  And Marie, was and is a beautiful girl. (more…)

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      Most of us in America have water when we need it; but, some in our country are going without.  Oh, there are those who will argue the merit of city water (treated) over those who trumpet their very own well water.  The human body is made up of 90% water they say.  (more…)

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