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Postcard Dump

Postcard dump      It’s beautiful.  It’s overwhelming.  It’s about 16 inches of snow.  It looks like a postcard…but, boy did we get dumped on.  Now, we have to dig our way out of here.  At least we got snow; not ice, or we would be like so many in the country under a coating of ice.  Thank you God!

       All of our neighboring schools are closed today; that is just common sense.  Of course, our school is open; that does not make sense.  I am keeping my kids home for a couple of hours just to be on the safe side.  On top of that…they will also be helping to clear our very long driveway so that i can take them to school without getting stuck! 

       Fun, fun, fun.  This snow would have put my 3 year old grand-daughter into a state of bliss a few weeks ago when she was here from Georgia and praying for snow!  I will send her pictures…she won’t believe what she missed.


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