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      This morning i was doing my usual multi-tasking…getting children ready for school and surfing the net for the news.   I was very sad to read about the death of Dan Fogelberg.  It is a huge loss of talent and inspiration.

       For many of you reading this….you may not even know who this man was, as you are probably too young to remember his music.  He was a premiere story teller through his music.  He was most famous during the 70’s and 80’s.  If you are not familiar with his music do yourself a favor and find some of it to listen to.  It’s stays with you.

       His gift was  connecting the story of his songs with people’s emotions.  He was gifted in this area.  His music was soft, simple and truly sincere in what it offered to the listener.  His music moved you to respond with a swift change of emotion. 

       I am sad that there will  not be more to come (unless there are un-released songs to be published after his death).  I was un-aware that he had prostrate cancer.  This is what took him from this world on sunday morning.  I think i will go buy his CD….i dont have a record player to play the copies of his albums i have on vinyl.  I want to listen and remember!


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