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      Great news today, the man and his three children who were missing in the northern part of California were found.  They went out on their annual trip to find a Christmas tree when they encountered extremely bad weather.

       I am sure as they are checked out physically and stabilized that their story will prove to be nothing less than inspiring.  The best news is that they will be home in time for Christmas for their loved ones to celebrate with.  I feared that it would end badly.  

       While they were missing, the mother of the children said that her ex-husband was her best friend.  That is refreshing to hear ex-spouses speak not only respectfully of each other; but, also with great care.  Another Christmas miracle if you ask me that they are all found!

         It is nice to hear something on the news that has a happy ending for a change.  Thank you God!


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      The news spoke of an increase in teen pregnancies just the other day.  It is a sad fact of life that with all of the educational tools that this country has, that the problem of teen pregnancies continues.

      It is hard raising children in today’s world.  It is even harder to do it when you are a young (often single) parent yourself.  Education is the key to earning higher pay when you enter the workforce.  The drop out rate among young women who find themselves pregnant is staggering.  The emotional, spiritual, and financial toll is hard to overlook.

       Today, all over the news is the headline that Jaime Lynn Spears is pregnant.  She is all of 16.  She met the father of her unborn child in church.  It underscores that even with sex education, religious training, strong family bonds as well as the availability of multiple birth control methods; teen pregnancy still happens. (more…)

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       Tonight, i went to a secret sister get-together.  It was very nice.  About 6 weeks ago…a group of ladies from our group of WOW (women of worship) exchanged names to pray for; and, surprise each other with small gifts or cards.  The big reveal was this evening.

       The really special part of this evening was that the ages ranged from like 13 years of age to the upper 70’s.  It was sweet.  My secret sister made me cry when she thanked me for her gift.  It was a vase full of a dozen roses…i knew that she liked roses. (more…)

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