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Twin boys       Well, my family has added another couple of family members.  Twins, are they cute or what?  Adoption in our family is nothing new for us.  But these two are only 5 weeks old.

        I forgot how often babies need to get up during the night…only these two are puppies.  No less work than a human baby let me tell you…but they are so stinking cute…what are ya going to do?

        So, Chance and Shadow are their names.  We are going to keep them both through the whinning stage and then one of them as soon as he is trained is going to a friend because their very large lab was hit by a car a few short weeks ago.

       They sure are fun though and add a whole other dimension to the family. 

Update:  Well, both babies are now pretty good size…and guess what?  They both stayed and I can’t imagine one without the other.  The friend who’s dog died…she got another dog that was also adopted…but, it didn’t work out.  That dog had seperation issues and could not be left home alone (the whole family works and goes to school).  So, that particular dog was adopted by an older gentleman who lives on a farm and has several other dogs.  She (the dog was female) is quite happy now…she is never alone and has company.   


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