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        Cool information recently came to the public’s attention about a new cancer center that Patrick Dempsey contributed a large sum of money to help fund in Maine.  His mother is a three time ovarian cancer surviver.

        I love the fact that he is giving back to the community that he grew up in .  The hospital is also one that his sister works at; and, she will help to run the cancer center.  Everyone has a mother or a sister or both…and giving to something that touches so many families is a great thing.

           Ovarian cancer is a disease that is often mis-diagnosed until the cancer has progressed past an early stage.  There is no easy cancer and all cancer is an enemy. 

          I applaude all who contribute their time and money to such a worthy cause.


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         I wonder who will get to put up their feet and rest their piggies on Dances with the Stars after tonight’s episode?  I very much enjoy this show…and am looking forward to watching this season evolve. 

         Last week it was interesting to hear a few of the new contestants say they wanted to figure out a way to get out of it after they started the process.  I wonder if they will be the first ones to leave?  It is alot harder than it looks dancing and practicing all of those hours and trying to look good in front of millions of viewers every week! 

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      Stop! make it stop….everytime i go to the mail box…those stupid credit card offers are waiting for me.  The offers get to take a short little trip from the mail box to my garbage can..but first …because they have my name and address on them i must rip them to shreds.

      Give me a break. I have called the number on the back in small print to opt out of the pre-screened offers of credit …but they still find a way back into the mail box.  Ahhhhh…dang it.  I can’t just toss it away…because identity theft is too much of a problem in our world…so once again, rip, rip, shred , shred. 

           Our country has a huge national credit problem and i think it is unethical to send direct mail to people tempting them to wade deeper into the pool of credit card debt.  I don’t want more debt…i am trying to dig my way out of it.

       It just isn’t fair that even though i don’t want these offers…they continue to come.  It isn’t just annoying…it is a credit risk…because of people who have no morals about submitting the offers with a change of address.  Does anyone else out there know what I am talking about??? 

        I received two more today.  Give me a break, I tell ya!!

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