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      It is a curiosity for some…a religious sign for others and a medical concern for those who know of such matters.  A baby was born with two faces, approximately a month ago, in India to a poor farming family.

       Those in the medical field want to do medical testing on the child to see how healthy she is and whether she needs medical attention.  The family forbids it…that is their right.  The child appears to be doing well as far as eating and such.  But there is concern about how the child is formed inside whether she will live a long healthy life. 

       The family of the two faced baby believe as do others in their culture; that she is a reincarnation of a Hindu goddess of power.  Everyone is entitled to their beliefs and as her parents they are within their rights to forbid medical intervention.  They say that she is not suffering and that she is eating with both of her mouths and she blinks all four eyes.  Still, in America she would be considered a special needs child and every avenue would be explored to find the best treatments available for this baby.

        You have to wonder about her future.  When she is able to walk; how will she hold up her head?  Will her brain (brains) struggle for control of the rest of her body?  I hope that she is well and lives healthily…but, with people in her culture worshipping her; even if she survives infanthood, it will be very difficult emotionally to be so very different from everyone else.

        My Christian beliefs cause me to flinch when i hear that this child is being worshipped and that she is perceived as a goddess.  God’s word (the Holy Bible) says that we may have no other god’s before him.    May God have mercy on them as they struggle to deal with the challenges ahead.


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