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       Dancing With The Stars had a star last night for sure…Kristi shone brightly.  She did a brillant job with her dance and it got her a perfect score.  We know for sure that Kristi is not leaving the show this evening.  She is a hit both with the audience and with the judges score…she is safe for another week.  Perfect score reflects a perfect performance…perfect is as perfect does.

       I myself wasn’t all that impressed with the group dance.  I didn’t particularily think that it was well choreographed.  It looked alot like chaos at times to me.  But then, i didn’t think that most of the “stars” looked like they felt comfortable performing it.  It did however, look like they were having a BLAST at the group practice though!

        I thought that Marissa did a great job with her dance with Tony.  I worry about her leaving because i think she is improving alot every week.  But, because she is short and somewhat larger than the other females… some of her dances look awkward…especially things like lifts…and tosses on the floor…it doesn’t always look graceful.  But, i got to tell you….i admire her greatly for pushing herself and gamely giving everything Tony throws at her a try.  Again, i think Tony is grinning from ear to ear…having a blast each week.  I don’t think i remember him having such a great time with any of his other partners.  It is neat to see.

      I saw an online survey which was asking which one of the “stars” should leave this week.  It was saying that Marlee got the most votes for leaving.  Hmmm…i wonder if it will be her.  I think the judges have been somewhat harsh with Shannon Elizabeth the last couple of weeks criticizing her lack of hip action.  But, i think that Derek’s, her partner, popularity  will keep her in the running for a while yet. 

       Mario’s dance with Karina was ummmmm…not G rated…it was kind of sultry …it was fun to watch…but…truthfully, Mario is a better dance than that number portrayed.  It was all about pleasing the eye…but Karina did most of the dancing…Mario…basically…just looked good.  So, i dont know.  I think he is popular enough with the audience that it wont cause him to leave the competition. 

       My prediction is that the person leaving will be Marlee.  I guess we will have to tune in to be sure.


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       Happy Earth Day Everyone! Hope you have thought a little bit about how to leave less of a carbon footprint on this earth while you live and breathe.  We all should not only think about it…but take measures to make sure that we are cutting down on the damage that we do to our environment in our everyday activities.

        Taking everyday activities and finding ways to make them more earth friendly is important.  Changing light bulbs to ones that use less energy, turning off excess appliances and lights when not in use, combining errands when out and about to use less gasoline, mowing lawns when there is no ozone action day, leaving the grass a bit longer so that you dont need to water it as often, recycling glass, plastic, paper…all of those things make a huge difference.  Going green with our home heating and cooling…using hybrid vehicles when possible…there are so very many options. 

      Do your part…come up with creative ways to make a difference.  Your children and grandchildren will thank you later.  Make a family tradition…plant a tree every year.  Do what you can to green up our planet.

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