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        There have been reports allegedly linking a woman from Colorado, to the reports of abuse in the case of young woman and children in the Texas sect of Fundalmentalist Church of  Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who practice polygamy.  This same woman, Rozita Swinton, has been accused of filing false reports as recently as April 16 in another case.

          The problem is…the supposed victim that called in the report…is missing; if she exists at all.  Now, all of these young woman and children/teens have been removed and seperated from their families and many have been placed into foster care.  Is all of this trauma for naught? 

           Legally, if they can’t find the alledged victim…is there even a case?  And obviously, if there are cases of young woman who are forced or coerced into marriage with adult husbands before they are 18 years of age and are having babies…that is against the law.  So, what if all of these children go through this removal and seperation only to have the case thrown out….this is a terrible cost…all of this emotional damage.

          Will the legality of this whole intervention be challenged?  What will happen to the women and children who have been put in this horrible circumstance.  Will they find the help they need to go on and live a normal life?  What about all of the children in foster care…will they be reunited with appropriate family members?

           Even if it is proven that this woman Rozita Swinton lied and had no knowledge of actual abuse…will those same young woman and children be protected from further “real” sexual and emotional abuse?  Things to think about here, definately.



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        Another week…and another couple leaves Dancing With The Stars.  This week it is Marlee and Fabian.  They made a nice addition to the group of dancers this season.  The demands of the show are increasing though and this was the week for Marlee to leave.

         Marlee communicates through sign language…and through body language; she showed grace and style.  She is a wonderful advocate for special needs people who want to be given the chance to achieve their dreams.

        Starting next week, the remaining couples will be required to learn two new dances each week.  From season’s past, i remember how hard the contestants said that this part of the competition is.  It will be interesting to see who succeeds and who struggles.

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